Hiring Female Trekking & Tour Guide in Nepal

Nepal is one main destination for trekking for both male and female tourists. Trekking and touring is one of the most thrilling adventure journeys. It provides varieties of choices like attractive mountains, ages old monuments, varied cultures, and different attractive heritage sites. All these prospects also captivate the number of female adventure lovers. Since, there is maximizing numbers of female tourists of trekking in Nepal; the demand for the Female Trekking & Tour Guide in Nepal is also maximizing in similar ratio.
But in contrast to the male trekking and tour guides in Nepal, the number of female trekking and tour guides is almost insignificant.Female Trekking & Tour Guide in Nepal will be an excellent companion of female tourists since they can share general sense and better knowledge with each other all over the journey. Ever since the late 1990s, the number of female guides and trek leaders has been maximizing at an honorable rate. Hence, in Nepal, the rate of increase of female guides has not been able to keep up through the maximized number of female travel fanatics all over the globe leading to a demand-supply imbalance.
We are, however, doing our greatest to remedy this variance. This is for us, a step againsts true justness. It is just with capability building that women, significantly in a nation like Nepal can become truly unconventional. For a nation and society to truly develop, a whole half of the nation’s intellectual and labor force cannot be kept in an unprotected state. Our small team comprises numerous female trek and tour leaders and we hope to maximize that number as we move into the future.
Even though Female Trekking & Tour Guide in Nepal are not restricted in carrying out their duties, the request of female travel support significantly is reserved for female tourists, whether it be solo or in groups, and couples. It has been noted in which a number of female tourists select to go on their trips alone, with a guide. Having a guide is exceedingly important in Nepal.

Why is it important to have a Guide?

A guide plays an important role in improving the travel experience by skillfully navigating tourists with their destination while providing valuable information and assistance. Beyond being a mere supporter a guide presumes the role of a ethnic ambassador, promoting meaningful connections and encouraging mutual understanding between travelers and the local community. Here are the 7 important reason why a good guides are very important:

1. Navigation
2. Administrative Assistance
3. Safety and Security
4. Interpretation
5. Access to Deals
6. Photography Support
7. Extensive Experience

Female Trekking Guides in Nepal

Trekking is no longer regarded a male-only adventure. With an increasing voice for fairness, uniformity, and independence, Nepal’s trekking sites can draw a huge number of trekking fanatics from all over the world.
Everybody saw the need for female trekking leaders since the number of female explorers maximized, as did their needs and complaints regarding few of the challenging circumstances they had to encounter. At present, the women trekking leaders have been guiding many groups in the normal routes and the high passes, circuit treks, and base camps of the height mountains, letting people to experience themselves to the fullest.
They have already illustrated that they are as daring as any male leader. Together with their idea of the highlands, lakes, hiking routes, holy sites, customs, traditions, culture, and Hospitality, they are also good in English and a few other languages, ensuring that there will be no language barriers at the time of trekking. Unfortunately, the language barrier may ruin your whole hiking vacation.

Female Tour Guides in Nepal

The number of female tour guides has frequently expanded in recent years. Each year, over two million tourists visit Nepal, with almost half of them selecting for a trip. (you can select between a city trip, a holy tour, cuisine tour, a cultural tour, a heritage site tour, a jungle safari, or day hike).
There are over 2,000 travel companies in the nation, and most of them provide different female tour operators. Female tourists, female sole tourists, and family travelers are significantly served by female leaders. Hence, this does not rule out the probability of female passengers being allocated to meal leaders. We provide female leaders in response to the circumstances and particular requests.
A bachelor’s degree in any area plus 70 days of particular training from a government-approved school are needed to work as a tour guide. As an outcome, they are well educated and trained, and you will get a wealth of ideas regarding the past, culture, religions, iconography, archeology, flora, fauna, animals, topography, shrines, historical sites, and many more in a single trip.
Hence, there are a substantial number of female trip guides which leave this career owing to a variety of personal and household problems. They still need cooperation to become independent, self-sufficient, and have self-esteem enough to make their own perception.

Reasons to Hire a Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

Female travelers are highly encouraged to hire female trekking guide in Nepal for the following reasons:

1. Experienced
Female trekking guides are ready to go for any trekking corner of Nepal according to your requirement. Female guides are young and energetic. Female trekking guides have been part of all significant trekking sections of Nepal. All female guides are experienced and most of them have been working as a guide for a lot of years.

2. Well Trained
Females guides are well trained, greatly educated and government registered tour guide license holders. Most of the female guides are fluent in English, which will assure you the language will not become an obstacle at the time of journey.

3. Knowledge
Female guides of Nepal are knowledgeable regarding the topography, past, distinct culture, and traditions, festivals and different wild species of Nepal. Broad idea of a female guide surely assists you to understand each aspect of Nepal. All female guides keep appropriate coordination with you and provide complete information at the time of the entire period of your trekking expedition.

4. Comfortable
Guides are those who provide you company all over your trip. All the members of the female guide teams are very supportive and everytime smiling and ready to assist you. Lot of female tourists demand female guide for their comfort, to escape sexual harassment and better knowledge of the issues at the time of trek. The practice of the female trekking guide is advantageous to both the female trekkers and also female trekking guide.

Who can hire a female trekking guide with us?

Are you seeking a female trekking guide in Nepal to help you at the time of trekking in the Himalayas? We do provide you insured, license holder, English-speaking expert girl trekking guides to make your trip safe and unforgettable forever. Our professional guide has a good idea of the ethnic, traditions, past, geology, costume and the significance of the tourist spots.
They will explain to you all aspects of the trekking period at high altitudes. If you are a solo female traveler traveling to Nepal to trek in the mountain ranges then a female trekking guide is the most favorable choice for a solo female traveler. If you are searching to hire a female guide then do remember us. With KHOJNU, you experience hiking with a female Trekking guide.
We provide female guides that are possible to hire all over the year. Apart from being completely insured, our female guides would be willing to take you anywhere in Nepal. Trek with them from the plains to the high altitudes on the basis of your requirements.

How to Get a Female Guide for Trekking in Nepal?

All of our female trekking guides are license holder of Registered Trekking Guides and they are well-trained, competent, and also fluent in English. KHOJNU works together for Women’s Empowerment creating employment opportunities for female trekking guides from the Himalayas in Nepal. Hire a female trekking guide in Nepal with KHOJNU for your adventure trek.
Hiring a female guide in Nepal has numerous advantages and challenges. Some companies provide female guides in Nepal. This makes it easier for female trekkers to find trekkers of their needs. We at KHOJNU provide female guides who are well-informed and support you during your journey in the Himalayas of Nepal as well as the plains. Don’t hesitate to inform us through email or phone call with our provided contact details on our official website.

Cost of hiring a female Tour Guide/trekking guide in Nepal

The number of females in Nepal in comparison to male guides is very low. Supply is quite less compared to the demand for female trekking guides.
As an outcome, the hiring cost is higher compared to the male leader. Normally daily charges of female guides range from about 25$ to 40$ per day (depending on availability).

Trek Guide Price: $ 30 Per person /Day
Tour Guide:$ 40 Per person /Day
Porter: $25 Per person /Day

Female Guides hiring with KHOJNU

Hiring a female guide for your trekking adventure in Nepal provides the chance to have a different perspective and cater to particular choices or cultural considerations. Hiring a female guide not just lets you take advantage of their expertise and guidance but also assists women’s empowerment in the tourism industry in Nepal.
Every year the Government of Nepal has been producing a number of women guides to contribute to the tourism sector of Nepal but very few of them get involved in tourism. Some of the female guides tour and some of them trek also. KHOJNU is providing more opportunities for female guides in Nepal also.
It can make more opportunities for women to take part and excel in traditional male-dominated fields. KHOJNU has a very good team of female tour guides in Nepal. All the female guides are expert, loyal, and supportive.

Are You Already in Nepal?

If you are already in Nepal then one of the important advantages of hiring an expert trekking guide is safety and security. If you are planning to trek in the Himalayas then the Nepal’s rough topography and unforeseeable weather pattern can be difficult for even the most competent trekkers
A guide can assist you in escaping possible risks, such as landslides, avalanches, and altitude sickness, and can provide medical care in the situation of an emergency.
Another advantage of hiring a trekking guide is the ethnic and historical awareness they provide. Nepal has a rich cultural heritage, and trekking with its many regions lets you experience the divergence of its people and customs.

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