Guide for Manaslu Tsum Valley Treks

The Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek is regarded as a moderately difficult trek. At the time of the trek it might be as demanding as some of the high-elevation and technical treks in the region, but it still presents numerous components which make it appropriate for trekkers with a proper level of physical fitness and some preceding trekking experience.
For the safety purpose you need to hire a guide who will support you for this trek because you may not know the way you are heading furthermore, there can be difficulties related to unpredictable weather, Altitude Sickness, slippery paths etc. At the time of navigating the Larkya La Pass, this trek reaches its maximum point in which the pass will be about 5,160 meters (16,929 feet) above sea level, which is the maximum point of the trek.
One of the challenging parts of the walk is crossing the Larkya La Pass, which provides amazing panoramic vistas of the nearby mountains and glaciers. To prosperously travel the pass, one must be physically fit and well-acclimatized to the high elevation and vertical ascent and descent. appropriate acclimation and trekking guide or a competent guide are required for a safe and delightful journey at this altitude.

Are you planning to hire Guide Trekking for Manaslu Tsum Valley Treks?

If you are planning to Guide for Manaslu Tsum Valley Treks then KHOJNU provides the trekking guide hiring service for the trekkers who wish to trek in Nepal. When trekking Nepal in Manaslu Tsum Valley Treks, keep in mind to hire the trekking guide from professional trekking agencies in Nepal like KHOJNU. Professional agencies provide you government licensed and well-trained trek guides who have abilities to lead you regarding all things you need at the time of Manaslu Tsum Valley Treks.
The guides provided by KHOJNU can communicate with you through different kinds of languages like English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. and have vast ideas about cultures and way of living style of local people, flora-fauna and all the trekking locations of Nepal. Guides are for your safety purpose and letting you understand the region more clearly.

Trekking Guide Insurance for Manaslu Tsum Valley Treks

Travel insurance is a must at the time of going abroad for traveling; it must cover enough medical facilities, natural calamities, and avalanches. So, it is an inseparable prospect while starting a journey. You must have travel insurance for Manaslu Tsum Valley Treks also. Most trekking routes of Nepal are very neuter and remote from the colony.
At times, travelers get into some kind of serious medical problems that need helicopter evacuation. If you don’t have travel insurance for Nepal in Manaslu Tsum Valley Treks or other treks in the country, you might be at risk. Not just that, but it can also end up with your bank balance costing your health. Hence, you have to purchase significant travel insurance which comprises medical insurance, trip cancellation and also helicopter evacuation.

Cost For Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking Guide

Hiring a guide is compulsory for the treks in Nepal including Manaslu Tsum Valley Treks. The cost for a licensed guide can range from USD 25 to USD 40 per day. The cost for a porter can range from USD 20 to USD 30 per day. The guide’s and porter’s charges are significantly shared amidst the trekking group.
The guides will not leave you alone from the starting to the competition of the trek with the porter carrying load. They will frequently be supporting you by leading the way, arranging your lodging and assisting you adjust to new culture and surroundings. Hence, prices provided by KHOJNU for guide and porter are listed below:

Guide at $ 25 Per Days
Porter at $ 20 per Days

Do you need a Manaslu Tsum Valley Treks Guide?

The Manaslu Tsum Valley Treks Guide needs a significant trekking permit and a government-appointed guide. Assure to plan your trek earlier, since permits for the trek are limited and can be challenging to acquire. On the other hand, you must book a guide and a porter, if you want to hire earlier.
Guides provided by KHOJNU will be competent and well-informed about the routes of Manaslu Tsum Valley Treks. They will lead you the way and provide all kinds of help while at the trek. You may not know how to arrange accommodation, or the right path of the trek, so, the guide will be there to serve you with their best qualities of service.

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