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    Ananda Spa and Natural Therapy Center

    Ananda Natural medical aid offers a large vary of entire treatments supported time proved Yoga, and ancient Chinese drugs. We have trained and experienced therapists. Their healing hand energizes your body and helps to get rid of some specific health problem. Our specially designed treatments will help you to relax, energize and detoxify and automatically heals some specific health issues, which was Read more [...]

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    Thamel Spa

    Thamel spa offers various kinds of health treatments giving medicinal bath using mineral-rich water or seawater.  It is believed that there is curative power in mineral water from ancient time. We provide professional services for our customers to encourage freshening mind, body and spirit. Spa is considered as non-medical procedure Read more [...]

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    Bliss Spa Nepal

    Bliss spa is the state of perfect happiness which manifests deep inner content, peace and a sense of utter delight or the thrill of absolute ecstasy. The main purpose of this spa is to achieve state of joy and relaxation for the refreshing mind. To fulfill this purpose, An and Read more [...]