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A Porter Guide is somebody who will carry your bags and show you the track at the time in the trails. Porter Guides will speak some English, provide you some trail guidance and also carry some of your gear. They offer a balanced service, at the time you don’t need the complete blown services of a dedicated porter and guide. Are you searching for a Porter Guide in Nepal? Khojnu.com provides a service of Porter Guide hire in Nepal and our services is Porter or Nepali Guide (porter and guide in Nepal) accessible for your Trekking and Nepal Tour.

A guide can speak English well and manage the lodgings at the time of your trek. Our Nepali guide and porters help you at the time of your treks. They are also very supportive, kind, honest and respectful. You can enjoy your Nepal Trekking completely with Porter Guide hire in Nepal with Khoju.com. We are accessible for all the trekking seasons and all trekking regions in Nepal Himalayas. We are well-informed regarding the Nepal Himalayas Trekking, Peak Climbing, Motorcycle Tours, and Cycling Tours. Our service for Porter Guide in Nepal (Porter Guide) accessibility is as per to client’s wishes, preferences, and requirements.

We provide two kinds of services, Porter and Guide service and Budget Trekking Services. In the situation if the client wants Budget Trekking Service in Nepal, we charge as per to trekking regions and all included: hotel in Kathmandu, accommodation, food, tea, coffee at the time of the trek, trekking permits, sightseeing in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Flight tickets, vehicles, airport pick up and drops, Guides, Porters and their insurance all included. Our Porter and Guide also speak English and other languages like German, French, Chinese, Nepali, Hindi, and Spanish. If you want to know the cost of hiring a guide or a porter, generally we charge around 23-25 Euro per day. Wage, insurance, lodge, and food is included in this cost.

Porter Guide hire in Nepal is regarded as one of the best ideas if you do not like Budget Trekking from the company. In Nepa there are more than hundreds of tours and trekking agencies or companies that arrange Budget Treks. In such tours and trekking companies, we are sure to provide service and support to our clients for their tours in Nepal. Our services are affordable and our Porter and Guides are competent, well-informed, and trained and you can have the most memorable tours with us. We have been working and offering services to the clients for many years in the Nepal Tourism sector and our goal is to enhance tourism by providing the best price and services to our clients upon their preferences and requests.

We are a legal Nepal Government Registered agency and we provide the safest service for your travel and Porter Guide the tours, Trekking, and Climbing. For the Everest Region, Annapurna Region, and Restecated area Trek, Manaslu Region trek, Langtang Region, Kanchenjunga Region, Makalu Region, and all over Nepal Trekking Route.  So you can meet your local Guide and Porter at the airport. They are strong, honest, kind, and polite and hired at affordable prices. The other prospect is you do not have to pay for their flight tickets, and vehicle charges and you only have to pay for their daily wages where you can enjoy the tour. They also know the trekking tails very well and have all the knowledge about your accommodation.

Location to meet the Porter Guide in Nepal

Khojnu.com provides you Porter Guide in Nepal and with a hiring Porter Guide in Nepal will be safe for your trekking, Climbing and tours in Nepal. An agency is accountable for providing you with Porter Guide with their insurance. The agency knows better when it comes to Porter Guide which means an agency provides experienced, trained, honest, and healthy Porter and Guides. With Khojnu.com Nepali Porter Guide booking will be safer and they can assist and guide at the time of your tours in Nepal. Our agency Khojnu.com will provide you with the Porter Guide and you can meet them at our office in Kathmandu.

Reasons for hiring Porter Guide in Nepal with agency

  • The agency is 100% safe.
  • In the situation of emergency, agencies rescue the Porters and Guides.
  • The agency provides the best trekking Porters and Guides.
  • The agency is service-oriented to the clients.
  • Porter Guides in Nepal are trained by agencies.
  • The agency provides the Nepal Government Trekking Guide license holder Guide.
  • The agency provides a strong, honest and very supportive Porter and Guide.
  • Agencies pay insurance for their staff.
  • The agency provides the tools.
  • The agency provides the NTC, NCL network mobile for emergency situations.

Hiring cost for Porter and Guide in Nepal

The costs for Porter and Guide in are mentioned below:

Our Porter cost is 25$ per day. (Porter Cost can be different on the basis of Trekking regions/Normal & Adventure)
Our Guide cost is 30$ Per day (Guide Cost can be different on the basis of Trekking regions/Normal & Adventure)
Our Porter Guide cost is 30 Per day (Porter Guide Cost can be different on the basis of Trekking regions/Normal & Adventure)
Our Porter Guide’s Insurance cost is $30 (We Provide Our Porter Guide in Nepal only with Trekking Insurance and in case of an accident we will rescue and we will be responsible. Safety and security is our top Priority)

Note: Your Porter and Guide insurance/Transport is not included in the price (like bus tickets/flight tickets).

Cost include:

  • Trekking Nepali Guide salary.
  •  Porter’s salary.
  • Porter Guide salary.
  • Porter and Nepali Guide Insurance.
  • Porter and Guide tools provided by the agency.
  • NTC, NCL network mobile for an emergency provided by the agency.

The weight limit for Porter and Porter Guide to carry your luggage

  • -30 Kg highest porter carries.
  • -Porter Guide carries the highest 15 Kg.

Our Porter Guide is flexible, provides comfortable tours, very supportive, friendly and happy to work with you as Porter Guide in Nepal. They will support you with pleasure at the time of your treks. Our Porter Guides are very experienced and well-informed. Also we have an adventure Trekking Porter Guides. Hence our Porter Guide cost relies upon their experience and adventure Passes. For the normal Trek we cost cheaper and for the high Passeswe cost a bit more to our clients. Porter carries around 30 Kg and Porter Guide carries around 15 Kg only. Choice is yours with your preference. We provide according to your requirements in Nepal.

Know how to pay Porter Guide salary in Nepal

With an agency booking clients can pay to Khojnu.com straightaway in Kathmandu or they can transfer the money to an agency bank account or they can make payment in cash before beginning your trek. In Porter Guide salary we include their each day salary, their meals and lodging but we do not include Porter Guide transport so that you have to pay yourselves for your Porter Guide in Nepal.
The most significant prospect is that we pay for their trekking insurance and without insurance, we do not provide you with our Trekking Porter Guide in Nepal. And we will be 100% responsible for our Trekking Porter Guide. In the situation of emergency we will rescue our Trekking Porter Guide. We would like to inform you that, do hot hire Porter Guide in Nepal without Trekking Insurance.

Trekking Permit for Restricted Areas and Permit Issuance by an Agency for Peak Climbing

For your Restricted Trekkin Areas permit we issued you by our agency, but you have to make payment for this. For the Restricted Areas, a Registered Trekking Agency is only allowed to issue the Trekking Permits. This indicates we have to pay tax. For issuing your Restricted Trekking Permit you need license holder Trekking Guides and Trekking Guide’s insurance and then Trekking Permit will be issued only with the Legal Registered Trekking Agencies.
So we would like to inform you that our Trekking Agency is legal and registered. That’s why we are able to issue your Restricted Trekking Permit in Nepal. We arrange your restricted Trekking Permit instantly with the best Trekking Porter Guide in Nepal just inform us to offer our services.

Trekking Permit Charge for Restricted Areas by an Agency

We have a service for Restricted Trekking Areas Permit events. With the best Trekking Guide we issue your Trekking Permit. You only have to provide us with your Itinerary, Trekking beginning date and Trekking end date, your original passport, your photos and your Nepal Visa. We have all agency documents for what is required for issuing your Restricted Trekking Permit in Nepal.
For issuing your Trekking Permit, as per laws and system we have to submit the entire documents of Trekking Guide’s Insurance, his license and citizenship, agency’s document then we go to Nepal immigration with the submitted paper. Finally, we obtain your Trekking Permit and we will provide it to you. It has a long procedure so you have to make a payment of 50$ for 2 people and plus 3 for each person. This is our service charge.

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