Summer Treks in Nepal

What time do you visit Nepal for Trekking?

Nepal is stunning at any time of year, a blessing from its highlands. Each season has its benefits, like incredible flowers during the spring season, blue sky and cold temperatures in the fall, and green woodland during summer/monsoon. Majority of people like to navigate Nepal trekking routes in the spring and fall when it comes to hiking.

The pleasurable temperatures illuminate nature, which is embellished by glistening crystal blue lakes and vibrant flowers. An attractive vision for those seeking a holiday from the city and some resurgence surrounded by immaculate nature. Hence, there are significant trekking routes in Nepal which are extremely beautiful, for traveling any time of the year and minimal favorable seasons such as summer and monsoon. Since spring and autumn are more suitable times for any treks; hence we further focus on the most suitable summer treks in Nepal.

Advantages of trekking during summer season or monsoon in Nepal

Initially, the routes are traffic-free, which indicates the visitors have the paths to themself. If the visitors don’t like to be in a crowd, this is an excellent time for them. Since trekking in Nepal at the time of peak season can become submerging through huge groups. The trekkers will fill the routes, as will the tea-houses and dining halls.

The visitors get to decide on any tea-houses for lodging as well as rooms. On the other hand, the visitors don’t have to share rooms with fellow hikers. Sharing rooms with others is pretty standard at peak seasons.

The visitors have the complete focus of the local tea-houses at the time there are some residents at the tea-houses. Also with the locals and acquire perception into their living way.

Lots of amenities-this indicates that the visitors can get off-season bonuses and advantages in lots of areas, like booking their guest house or taking part in occasions like expedition sports, mountain flights, and lots more.

Nature’s spirit is brought to life by the freshness of nature and the fluorescence of flowers because of monsoon rain

Additionally, this time is a perfect time for initiating routine findings on flora vegetation if the visitor happens to be a researcher.

Disadvantages of trekking during season summer or monsoon in Nepal

  • The summer treks in this time of season muddy and slipper roads
  • Experience with leeches frequently
  • Summer trek in Nepal has massive clouds obscured the landscape of mountain ranges
  • Flight cancellations and delays
  • Expert tips to keep away from trouble during the summer treks in Nepal
  • Keep one or two buffer says to keep away from missing international flights
  • Pack waterproof trekking equipment
  • Pack ponchos and umbrellas
  • Begin the day ahead of schedule because it mostly rains at the day and evenings
  • And don’t be disheartened if it rains at the evening time; the morning would most possibly be open for beautiful highland landscapes.

Best Trekking routes for summer treks in Nepal

Upper Mustang Trek in Summer

Upper Mustang Trek is one of the most famous summer trekking locations in Nepal. Since it is covered by the Trans Himalayas, the parched valley of Mustang infrequently sees rains. Because of its dry weather condition and different geographic characteristics, it is very popular for trekking in the monsoon season.

While most of Nepal’s trekking places cross by lush jungles, Mustang features wrecked slopes and magnificent stone positioning, which sets it beside the rest of its trekking places. On the whole, it is proportionately simple, mid-elevation tea-houses trek to the natural terrain to the historical kingdom profound with Tibetan culture.

Upper Dolpo Trek in Summer

Dolpo is situated on the boundary between the Nepalese Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau. Traditionally, it is closely related with Tibet, but it has components of both in regards to topography. The sharply congealed peaks provide a Himalayan expression, but the desolate highlands remind the visitors of Tibet.

This region’s geographical design is also like Upper Mustang, dry and bone-dry, limited by the Trans Himalayas. Furthermore, dry and bone-dry, limited by the shadow territory. Therefore, it is ideal for summer tours or traveling at the time of monsoon in Nepal.

Nar Phu Valley in Summer

The Nar Phu Valley trek is just one of a string of glorious routes climbed by Nepal’s ‘restricted regions’, isolated valleys tucked towards the Tibetan border. It is a restricted trekking region in the north of Annapurna. This attractive region provides medieval Tibetan history, beautiful highland landscapes of the Annapurna, and stunning highland views. It is a proportionally new hike that does not have a huge number of hikers.

The Nar Phu Valley Trek is absolute for summer treks in Nepal, thanks to its high altitude and isolated Tibetan towns made mainly of stone. It is also advantageous for adventurers seeking a different trekking experience. This trek’s significant draws are historical Buddhist holy societies and beautiful landscapes of the Annapurna Range.

Rara Lake Trek in Summer

Rara Lake Trek is popular, and it is by far the most famous visitor’s place in western region of Nepal. The lake is surrounded by thick forested mountains and snow-capped peaks that cover it. The park was created in 1967 to conserve Lake Rara’s natural attractiveness and safeguard a representative illustration of the Humla-Jumla area’s vegetation and animals.

Though it isn’t that much in comparison to the Mustang or Upper Dolpo, the peaceful waters of Rara Lake and the highland covering it are honestly appealing. For this very reason, individuals travel to Rara Lake to cherish nature’s beauty and it is one of the best summer treks in Nepal.


Annapurna Circuit Trek in Summer

Another incredible tour in the Annapurna region appropriate for summer treks is the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Popular among the world’s classic trekkers, this stunning trekking provides a mix of Nepalese and Tibetan culture. Through a cultural mesh, the region also permits trekkers to cross by various physical terrains of Nepal. Furthermore, the majority of the tours go past shielded regions; thus, it is excellent for summer or monsoon.

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