Water Filter

A water filter is a necessity for every house and commercial use for the removal of chemicals and microorganisms from your tap water. Regular maintenance of water filters is also important to maintain the life of the products. Scheduling of a regular water filter service and cartridge replacement between every 6-12 months is necessary. The maintenance period is also based on the usage and quality of water in your area. 


Regular maintenance:-

The water filtration system operates as a small water treatment plant. The maintenance of the filter can be done by the customers, but some require trained professionals to maintain them. Our team of maintenance will make sure to provide the needed services for your water filter. The professionals will disinfect the equipment and check for smoothness compared to others.


Irregular Maintenance or non-maintenance of cartridges within the timeframe can result in clogging in the water filter system. 


Expert service:-

In big factories or industries, potable water contamination and hard water scaling can damage the equipment. It can also affect the profit margins as the equipment can cost thousands of rupees. At home, the areas where hard water is used can get damaged.

For the clean and perfect water in the factory or home, the solution is to hire a specialist in the water system. Our team offers the best water filter service in Nepal.

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