Hiring a Trekking Guide for Mardi Himal Treks

Do you need a guide for Mardi Himal trek?

Mardi Himal Treks is a moderate trekking adventure to the western region of Nepal. There are distinct trails together with the trek. With appropriate packing and preparation, this trek may be possible but it is mandatory to hire guides for treks in Nepal rule made by the government of Nepal. This rule is mainly for the security and safety for the trekkers.
The trek will get safer and comfortable with a guide. You will also get the most favorable lodging facilities with a guide. Mardi Himal Treks without a guide can be risky so hiring a guide is a good decision. Due to the difficulties such as altitude sickness, accidents, injuries, getting lost while on the trek, etc. hiring a guide is always a best option because they will lead your way and keep you protected from these kinds of challenges.

Are you planning to hire a Guide for Mardi Himal Treks?

Trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal is not simple, but with the support of a proficient guide, proper meals, drink, and rest can take you to your dream destination. If you are planning to hire a Guide for Mardi Himal Treks then KHOJNU provides guides who are well-informed about the routes.
We advise trekkers to travel with a guide and porter (if you have heavy baggage), since most of the time, we have to travel through thick forests and narrow trails. Guides provide the important information and take care of all the accommodation, safety measures, flights, transportation, and entry and exit at all the entrance points.
Although we do not encounter such terrible risks at the time of Mardi Himal Treks. There is no slippery trail. We do not encounter any glaciers and avalanches in this trek. But climbing vertically uphill from Middle Camp to High Camp may be demanding at times for starters so, hiring a guide can always be safe and direct you to the correct track.

Trekking Insurance for Mardi Himal Treks

Travel insurance is compulsory for all the trekkers who are going to take part in Mardi Himal Trek. Your travel insurance must cover personal accidents, medical expenditure, emergency repatriation, personal liability helicopter rescue and any kind of sickness will be covered.
Having a proper travel insurance will not just guarantee you satisfaction at the time you trek but also provide you with full coverage for anything that might go wrong. After making your trek reservation, the insurance agency you are obtaining will ask you to provide complete insurance paperwork. In an emergency, you will be rescued by using your insurance.

Cost For Mardi Himal Treks Guide

The Mardi Himal Treks is the most interesting trek in Nepal. It covers stunning vistas of the Annapurna region and an amazing glacial valley. Guide and the porter is everytime wise decision if traveling to Nepal for the first time. Taking a guide and a porter is a perfect option for the Mardi Trek region.
Guides and porters will make your journey much more comfortable. They will lead your way because they are well-versed about the routes and trails. If you are searching for the guide and porter for the Mardi Himal Trek then KHOJNU will be delighted to provide the service. The costs for Mardi Himal Treks Guide and Porter are listed below:
Guide at $25
Porter at $22

Do you need a Mardi Himal Treks Guide?

Mardi Himal Treks is a short trek which provides you with amazing adventure crossing with thick jungle and rough hilly topography. Trekkers need a guide in this off-the-beaten-path trek since they may get lost in an infrequently walked trail. It is hence important to hire an expert guide who knows the trails and can direct you to your destination with no issue and safety.
Hiring guide for Mardi Himal Treks is mandatory. Guide will support in navigating and porter will carry your baggage, and provide valuable perception regarding the region.
KHOJNU is a travel agency established with the participation of highly proficient and professional guides with the experience for years in the Himalayas of Nepal who will make your journey more informative and help to complete the trek. On the other hand, we will be providing guides who can also communicate with you in different languages like English, Hindi, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, etc.

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