Kathmandu to Pathivara Helicopter Tour Cost

Entering on a journey in Nepal, a country of beautiful views and rich cultural heritage is an adventure in itself. Cuddled among the stunning mountain ranges lies Pathivara, a holy place that captivates visitors and nature fanatics alike. Through the comfortability and amazement of a helicopter trip, the visitors can experience the awe-motivating attractiveness of Pathivara at the time of submerging themself in its holy significance. Kathmandu to Pathivara Helicopter Tour Cost with KHOJNU is provided at a cheaper rate. The agency provided an exciting tour package from Kathmandu to Pathivara Helicopter Tour.

Pathivara, situated to the eastern hills of Nepal, is resident to the revered Pathivara Devi Temple. This holy place has boundless significance for both Hindu and Buddhists. The shrine is devoted to Goddess Pathivara, an incarnation of Goddess Durga, who is regarded to accomplish the wishes of her devotees. The quiet and peaceful environment of Pathivara makes it an absolute place for spiritual regeneration contemplation.

The Pathivara Helicopter Tour Package is a conscientiously created event of the tour that allows visitors to experience the beauty of Pathivara from the sky. This package offers a comfortable and time-structured option to visit the shrine and experience the attractive landscapes of the environment. The visitors can select for this trip to enjoy the sensation of helicopter ride joined with the spiritual ambience of Pathivara.

Upon visiting Pathivara, the visitors will have the chance to explore the holy Pathivara Devi Temple. Overwhelmed in restfulness and covered by the lush greenery, the shrine offers the tranquil atmosphere for devotees and nature fanatics alike. This holy place provides the blessing of Goddess Pathivara and submerges in the spiritual surroundings. Aside from the temple visit, the Pathivara Helicopter Tour Package also involves chances to experience the local culture of the area. The visitors can communicate with friendly local peoples, witness their warm companionship, and acquire perception into the rich cultural heritage of Nepal’s eastern highlands.

Pathivara Helicopter Tour Package Price

Here is everything the visitors required to know regarding Pathivara Darshan by Helicopter Cost. There are numerous components which can impact the cost of Pathivara Helicopter Tour, like as the time of the year, the number of travelers, extra attractions, etc. Kathmandu to Pathivara Helicopter Tour Cost is listed below are important requirements:

Package Cost : (Each Person)
Cost each charter : NPR  +977 9866551703 call or WhatsApp
Maximum endurable weight each charter
Maximum persons each charter : 4 to 5 persons depending on their weight
Maximum Ground Time at Pathivara : 45 minutes

Visitor’s Important Packing list from Helicopter Tour for Pathivara Darshan

Puffer jacket that is windproof and waterproof (preferably both)
Pants that keep you warm
Woolen cap and sun hat
Embroidered scarf
Sunscreen (preferably SPF30+)
Water bottle
Other necessities, such as toilet paper
Cameras and mobile phones
You should have a copy of your passport

Security Instruction for Kathmandu to Pathivara Helicopter Tour

Assure that your pilot is every time within your visible horizon. You can enter and exit the helicopter for either side.
Seatbelts must be worn appropriately during all times.
It is not safe to leave your designated seat up until the pilot specifies it is safe.
Positioning of the seats will be on the basis of weight distribution that is important in helicopters. Your assigned seats must not be changed.
Smoking is not allowed unless the captain gives his permission.

Other information about the Kathmandu to Pathivara Helicopter Tour

Pathivara Darshan by Helicopter tour is the easiest option to travel the religious shrines of Goddess Pathivara Devi in eastern Nepal. Pathivara Devi temple tour by helicopter ride to the eastern Nepal is one of the most famous Hindu temple tour packages. The temple of Pathivara devi is situated on the upland of Taplejung district is regarded as the “ShakiPeetha”. The Hindu goddess Pathivara is the taken as the origin of wealth and strength. Pathivara temple on the other hand is regarded as one of the scared sited for Kirats.

Hindus believe that a journey to the temple assures achievement of the visitor’s desires by goddess. The shrine is situated at the elevation of 3,794 m. (12,444 ft.). The travelers offer animal sacrifices, gold and silver to the Goddess Pathivara. The waterfall at Sawa and the pond of Timbung close to the shrine are the cultural attractions of this trip. It is regarded that local shepherds lost hundreds of their sheep at the time of grazing at the similar location where the shrine stands at present. The upset shepherds had a vision that the goddess ordered them to carry out ceremonial sacrifices of sheep and establish a temple in her honour.

At the time the sacrifice was offered, the lost herd unexpectedly returned the ritual of offering sacrifices inside the shrine is regarded to have begun after the incident. The hill goddess Pathivara after which the location is named is regarded by the devotees to be a ferocious goddess who can be effortlessly gratified with simple and generous act of sympathy, prayer and sacrificial offerings (sacrifice in Hinduism indicates sacrifice of one’s self-esteem and greed); at the time unmerciful and rigorous to one who has malevolent intent beneath.

She answers prayers and is very significant to all people living in Nepal. The Goddess at Pathivara is believed to accomplish the long-cherished dreams of her devotees, such as sons for those without sons, and wealth for needy. Pathivara on the other hand is the ‘Shakti Peeths’. Shakti Peethas are the locations where parts of Goddess Sati has fallen at the time Lord Shiva was carrying her dead body. Devotees from various regions of Nepal and India travel to the shrine at the time of significant holy events, as it is believed that a tour to the shrine assures the achievement of all the visitor’s desires.

Kathmandu to Pathivara Helicopter Tour Cost with Khojnu.
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