Kathmandu to Halesi Mahadev Helicopter Tour Cost

Cuddled in the stunning landscapes of Nepal, the magical Halesi is a place which has attracted the hearts of visitors for ages. With its wealthy cultural heritage, awe-stimulating natural beauty, and spiritual importance, Halesi provides a truly captivating witness for those searching a different expedition. And what better option to experience the magnificence of Halesi compared with an exciting helicopter tour package? Uncovering the secrets of Halesi, also called Maratika, is a holy place located in the Khotang district of Nepal.

This secret gem holds boundless holy significance for both Hindus and Buddhists. Mythology has it that Lord Shiva, the Hindu deity, attained understanding here, at the time Buddhists believe which is the holy place in which the Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) mediated and fulfilled spiritual redemption. Helicopter Tour to Halesi cuddling on a helicopter tour to Halesi is witnessing like no other. As the visitors rise through the skies, they are greeted through stunning atmospheric landscapes of Nepal’s attractive views. The comfortability and speed of a helicopter allow the visitor to make the most of their time, assuring the visitors have plenty of chances to visit the wonders which anticipate the visitors in Halesi.

The centerpiece of Halesi is the famous Halesi Cave, which holds huge importance for Hindus and Buddhists. As the visitors travel into the depths of the cave, the visitors will be engaged in the magical atmosphere. The cave is subdivided into three portions: the lower, middle, and upper cave. Every portion provides a different atmosphere, loaded with historical statues, prayer flags, and holy artifacts. Aside from its spiritual importance, Halesi is also a place for cultural marvels. The locals, known for their warm hostility, offer perception into the cultures, customs, and mythology of the area.

The visitors can experience cultural dances, take part in rituals, and communicate with the friendly local peoples, acquiring a deeper knowledge of the dynamic traditional tapestry of Halesi. Halesi Mahadev is a touring place in the Khotang district of eastern Nepal. This popular temple of Lord Shiva is situated in an isolated highland region with the religious Dudh Koshi River to the right and Sunkoshi to the left. At the time the visitors arrive at this shrine by road, it needs a long tour by rough terrains. At the same time, a helicopter tour takes the travelers to this holy place very fast and without any inconvenience. Hence, the Halesi Helicopter tour is one of the finest options to visit this religious site.

This stunning aeriform tour takes the visitor to the historical temple of Halesi Mahadev. It is also called as the “Pashupatinath of Eastern Nepal”. There is an incredible cave close to the shrine which is quite an attraction for this visit. The boundless of the area will enchant visitors. Hundreds of visitors from Nepal and India travel to the Halesi Mahadev temple each year. The helicopter ride takes around an hour at his shrine of Lord Shiva from Kathmandu the same trip will take around 10 hours with jeep. The visitors will take flight from Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport to land on an attractive helipad close to the Mahadev Temple.

Highlights of the Kathmandu to Halesi Mahadev Helicopter Tour

  • Awe-motivating landscapes of the natural views and mountain covered with snow on the top
  • Visiting the cultural heritage of the region
  • Wanders of Halesi Mahadev Temple
  • Stunning landscape view chance of different caves
  • Performing puja and other rituals in the Halesi temple
  • Witnessing stunning views from the top of the helicopter
  • Perfect welcome and hostility of local residents

Kathmandu to Halesi Mahadev Helicopter Tour Costs and other Information

With KHOJNU Kathmandu to Halesi Mahadev Helicopter Tour Cost is provided at cheaper prices. Below mentioned are the Kathmandu to Halesi Mahadev Helicopter Tour Cost and other important details.


Package Cost : (Each Person)
Sector:  Kathmandu – Halesi – Kathmandu
Rate each charter:  NPR Call 9866551703 WhatsApp 
Maximum endurable weight of each charter:
Maximum persons each charter : 4 – 5 persons depending on their weight
Maximum Ground Time at to Halesi Mahadev : 30 minutes

Other information about Kathmandu to Halesi Mahadev Helicopter Tour

The visitors can worship in the shrine and explore caves before flying back to Kathmandu. This helicopter tour is a blessing in disguise for aged travelers who cannot travel long-distance tours. Apart from this, the visitors also witness mountains with snow covered on top, huge valleys, green meadows, and peaceful water resources of the region.

KHOJNU provides Kathmandu to Halesi Mahadev ( Maratika Cave) Helicopter Tour Cost at discounted prices. For more information about Kathmandu to Halesi Mahadev Helicopter Tour Cost the visitors who are willing to visit this place by helicopter can contact on the Number +977 9866551703.

The shrine is more natural than the human made. Most stunning part of this shrine is the cave of various stories. Attractiveness of the Cave, Shrines and as well as its natural heritage are just enticing. Halesi Mahadev temple is popular amidst the many visitors from around Nepal and India. Thousands of people visit the shrine each day by road and helicopter tour.

By helicopter it takes 30 minutes to reach the popular temple. Hindus and Buddhists consider this shrine as the Pashupatinath Temple of Eastern Nepal. The visitors will witness shrines and religious temples inside a beautiful cave. With the domestic helicopter ride the visitors will feel convenient, safe and quick to worship the holy god.

Halesi is becoming a significant tourist place in Khotang that is possible to visit through both road and helicopter. Kathmandu to Halesi by road takes approximately 9 to 10 hours. There are lots of guest houses in the Halesi temple region to serve the visitors. If they want to spend the night then they will get good hotels in Halesi for their stay. Halesi Mahadev temple tour with helicopter is the quickest option to experience the stunning views and achieve the holy beliefs.


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