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Hiring guides of trekking in Nepal is compulsory as implemented by the government of Nepal. This is made for the safety of the trekkers where they can encounter difficulties like unforeseeable weather, Altitude Sickness, slippery paths, etc. So, you need to hire a guide for Langtang Valley Treks in which they will lead your way and avoid injuries or even death.
This trek is moderately difficult, and heavenly vistas make Langtang Valley Trek absolute for all. The most difficult and high risk trek in the Langtang region is the crossing of the height (5,106m) Ganja La Pass, that connects Kyanjin Gompa to the head of the Langtang Valley with Tarke Ghyang on the Helambu Circuit. This must only be attempted by very experienced trekkers with a good support team. You will require camping tools, a guide who has a good idea about the route, ropes, ice-axes and crampons.

Are you planning to hire a Guide for Langtang Valley Treks?

As already mentioned above, Nepal Government and the Nepal Tourism Board have banned solo trekking, hiring an expert guide or porter is necessary for the Langtang Valley Trek. Apart from that, guides are also needed for a safe and knowledgeable trekking experience. So, if you are planning to hire a guide for Langtang Valley Treks then it’s a must.
Guides are there to show you the right way with the trek, and porters carry your loads to assist you enjoy completely. Guides also provide you with practical, inspiring, health, lodging,and first aid assistance while you are in Nepal for Langtang Valley Treks and other treks in the country.

Trekking Insurance for Langtang Valley Treks

You will need travel insurance to travel from one nation to another. You’ll also need travel insurance for trekking in Nepal. We all know that for tourists visiting Nepal travel insurance is compulsory for expedition or adventure events such as trekking, peak climbings, etc. So, you will also need travel insurance for Langtang Valley Treks.
Note that both medical and emergency evacuation costs must be covered by your travel insurance. We recommend a minimum value of USD 10,000 for your travel insurance.
You need to select an insurance policy which covers the expenditure of mountain helicopter rescue if you get sick from high altitude and other significant mountain incidents. In such severe situations of emergency evacuation, a helicopter flight is the only way out of the mountains which involves a rescue team, that is the significant reason why you need your travel insurance to cover the costs of helicopter services, evacuation from the mountain ranges and the most costly medical expenditures in Nepal hospitals.

Why hire the Guide for Langtang Valley Treks?

The advantages of hiring a guide for the Langtang Valley Treks are numerous. At KHOJNU, we provide expert hiring services. Our guides can accompany you in all parts of the journey and can support you in different kinds of situations. They have the idea to ensure your safety and enhance your trekking experience in the Langtang Region.
They will also provide valuable direction on navigating the route, selecting camps, and seeking support at the time of emergencies. Another important advantages of hiring a guide for Langtang Valley Trek is safety and support, cultural immersion, sustainability and ecological responsibility, support acquiring permits, etc.

Cost For Langtang Valley Treks Guide

The cost of hiring a guide relies on the staff themselves. You must be very flexible since it can differ depending on the route you select for the Langtang Valley Trek and the experience level of the guide or porter.
The more experienced a guide and a porter, the higher the price. Nonetheless, your safety is ensured, and your comfort is enhanced at the time of the trek. The costs provided by KHOJNU for guide and porters are listed below:

Guide at $ 25 Per Days
Porter at $20 Per Days

Do you need a Langtang Valley Treks Guide?

Trekking Guide Hire in Nepal can be tricky and complicated to select for your journey. Hence, most of the trekking companies have their certified guide. Nonetheless, even if you hire a guide from a significant company, you have to look after some aspects. These aspects can support you to select the best trekking guide for your trekking journey.

A certified guide should be well-trained in various sectors like first aid, ecological, culture, and crisis handling.
Meet with your guide to understand his communication abilities, plan for the trek, itinerary, etc.
Ask regarding his work experience in the related fields.
Check social media or reviews for the recommendations of the guide.
Finally, an expert trekking guide should have his certificate and license. Confirm, the guide has both of them.

If you are searching for a guide to Langtang Valley Treks then KHOJNU will be there at your service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us through our provided details on our official website.

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