Hiring a Trekking Guide for Tamang Heritage Trail


The Government of Nepal has made the rule to hire guides for all treks in Nepal and must hire guides while you trek in Nepal which also includes Tamang Heritage Trek. Along with the trek you will also have porters who will carry your stuff so that you will have a comfortable journey. Before commencing in the journey you should have appropriate physical fitness.
KHOJNU ensures the protection and safety of our clients, and we are frequently prepared about the challenges. We take the following measures:

The trek leaders and guides can ensure your comfort, safety, and certainty since they have years of experience directing treks.

  • We provide all of our guides with wilderness first aid training.
  • In all parts of the walk, our leader will motivate and inspire you.
  • We evaluate the cleanliness of the food and lodging in trekking destinations.
  • We have all kinds of tools, gear, and first aid kit which we may need at the time of trek.
  • If somebody becomes sick from the altitude, our trek leaders have the power to either cancel to carry on the journey.

Are you planning to hire Guide for Tamang Heritage Trek?

Tamang Heritage Trek is a short, easy to moderately demanging trek route, you must hire a guide because there will be challenges that you are not aware of such as unpredictable weather, slippery paths, steep geology, Altitude Sickness, etc. If you are planning to hire a guide for this trek then KHOJNU will provide guides who are well trained and knowledgeable.
Our guide will support you in all possible ways to make your journey exceptional and unforgettable. Talking regarding the porters, we provide one porter for 2 trekkers each. We provide one guide for the smaller group and in the situation the group size surpasses 10 peoples, we will provide the additional guide for your journey.

Trekking Insurance for Tamang Heritage Trek?

The Tamang Heritage Trek, which is regarded to be fairly challenging, passes with remote regions of Nepal at a high elevation. To book the trek with KHOJNU, you must have travel insurance. In the situation where something goes wrong, buying appropriate travel insurance is crucial.
At the time of trekking in Nepal’s Himalayas, travel insurance is amidst the most important paperwork. Landslides, vertical ascents and descents, and crowded pathways must all be navigated at the time of walking. Accordingly, the insurance would be great for you if trekkers unfortunately witness any kind of consequences at the time of trekking in such a case.
It’s possible to postpone paying a substantial charge all at once. Hence, we highly recommend all trekkers and adventurers to buy the proper insurance coverage that will pay for all expenditures linked to high-mountain rescue and evacuation. Be assured your insurance policy covers medical costs, helicopter emergency evacuation, and elevations up till minimum 5,000 meters.

Why hire the Guide for Tamang Heritage Trek?

Hiring the Guide or porter for Tamang Heritage Trek is now compulsory. A guide can support you to navigate and secure your safety at the same time and also provide great perceptions into the local culture. A porter can support you with carrying your stuff, reducing the physical burden at the time of your walk.
Guides always provide relevant help and assistance to trekkers, ensuring their safety and supporting them to navigate with the difficult topography of the Himalayas. Guides provided by KHOJNU are proficient who have a broad idea of the local culture, geology, and topography significantly when they are at the Tamang Heritage Trek.

Cost For Tamang Heritage Trek Guide

Trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal is one of the most adventurous events. A wonderful amalgamation of nature, culture, flora and fauna, a broad range of Himalayan views make Nepal a mesmerizing place to travel.
Hiring a guide and porters makes the journey very comfortable particularly in Tamang Heritage Trek. If you are trekking in the higher altitudes, hiring a guide is a great support. The prices of the guide and porter provided by KHOJNU are mentioned below:
Guide at $ 25
Porter at $ 22

Do you need a Tamang Heritage Trek Guide?

If you have decided to trek in Tamang Heritage then you are going to experience some of the most beautiful views of Nepal but safety would every come first. That’s why KHOJNU recommends trekkers to trek with an experienced guide.
The guides provided by KHOJNU are well-versed about the trial. You can ask them about the trails you are heading to and share any kind of doubts that you have about the trek. Our guides are always there to support you and clear your doubts. Most importantly, our guides will ensure your safety and lead the way for you.

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