Hiring a Guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek

ALL Manaslu Circuit Trek routes reach till 5,106 meters in elevation i.e Larkya La Pass. So it can cause Altitude Sickness to trekkers. At the time of crossing Larkya La Pass, you might encounter altitude sickness and other difficulties which may arise that you do not know such as unforeseeable weather or slippery paths.
So, to escape these kinds of challenges you will have to hire guides along with porters. KHOJNU will provide guides and porters for Manaslu Circuit Trek who have good ideas about the routes and ensure your safety during the whole trek.
Guides provided by KHOJNU are trained to navigate with trials, provide protection on altitude sickness, and provide perception into the ethnicity and historical significance of the locations you visit. They will also assist to manage lodging, meals, and transport at the time of the trek.

Are you planning to hire Guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu is the 8th tallest mountain in the world. 8,163 meters situated in the Gorkha District of Nepal and trekking in the Manaslu Region along with Manaslu Tsum Valley, Manaslu Base Camp, or Manaslu Circuit Larke La Pass you must be aware of the regulations first. You cannot do the trek without a guide.
If you are planning to hire Guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek, the Government of Nepal has made it mandatory to hire guides for the treks in Nepal including this trek.Hire guide with KHOJNU for Manaslu Circuit Trek if you are willing for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. We provide experienced guides with government-registered agencies and are well-informed about the whole trek.

Trekking Insurance for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Travel and Trekking insurance is compulsory for Manaslu Circuit Trek. Most of the trekking operators ask you to have appropriate travel and trekking insurance, even though the hazard of injury in Manaslu is proportionately low.
If anything, unluckily, goes wrong, you will need substantial insurance to cover your medical charges and any emergency evacuation costs. It is essential that your insurance must cover a highest elevation up to 6,000m. By the way, high elevation is not a standard policy on travel insurance; it must be adjoined singly.

Why hire the Guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Guide is compulsory for the Manaslu region because of the government rule. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a demanding and isolated trek in Nepal, so hiring guides for this trek will enhance your trekking experience, ensure your safety, and understand more about local ethnicity and surroundings.
Trekking with guides makes the trek unforgettable since they are experts in the field of nature and culture and also make something exceptional and easy-going with depth understanding and local experience. That is why a licensed trekking guide is an important part of Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Cost For Manaslu Circuit Trek Guide

The cost for hiring guides for the Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal relies on a few reasons, including the time taken by the trek, the services offered, the guide’s experience, and the trekking company you select. Anyway , on average, the cost for a guide for the Manaslu Circuit Trek varies from $20 to $40 per day. This cost normally includes the guide’s each day wages, accommodation, food, and insurance.
Another prospect about the Manaslu Circuit Trek is the porter. Porters are also one of the significant prospects about this trek. You can’t carry all the loads by yourself so the porter will carry your stuff and your journey will be much more comfortable. Guides and porter are provided by KHOJNU and costs are listed below:
Guide at $ 25
Porter at $ 22

Do you need a Manaslu Circuit Trek Guide?

It means a lot to trek to Manaslu Circuit Trek with KHOJNU. Due to our years of experience in trekking in Nepal, we bring friendship, fun, comfortability, adventure, and, mainly, security and safety. Our guides have substantial training in the field of trekking and wide knowledge of first aid equipment.
Our trekking guides can communicate in different kinds of languages such as English, Hindi, Spanish, French, etc. Our strong porters are also accessible to carry load. As an outcome, our well-informed and experienced trekking guide will lead you in entire parts of the trek and provide you all the information about the region such as ethnicity, history, and living style.

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