Winter Treks in Nepal

While spring and autumn are normally the best times to do trekking in Nepal, the winter trekking season shouldn’t be discharged from Nepal. Majority of individuals are likely to travel to Nepal in the spring and autumn to hike around the highland mountainous region like the Mount Everest Camp Trek and the Annapurna Circuit Trek.

But there is surely something to be said for the winter treks in Nepal, though they might not be as high in elevation. The higher region treks are not advised for winter months, as the routes can get hindered through snow and avalanches in the higher regions are more probable.

Some of the winter treks in Nepal

Everest Panorama Trek

It is still likely to trek to Everest Base Camp in the winter months, though the trekkers will be limited by the quantity of snow, and there are times when the time does get stopped as trekkers get near to the base camp. The EBC trek in winter is more difficult, so if the visitors want something a little less extreme, the Everest Panorama Trek provides visitors the Everest preference in a shorter and more convenient trek.

The trek begins with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, from where the visitor begins the trekking itself, and how long they are willing to trek for actually relies on them. The first stage takes the trekkers to Namche Bazaar, the Sherpa capital in the Himalayas, and the busy heartland of the Sherpa people. From there, the trekkers can trek to the beautiful monastery elevated on the mountains above the stunning village of Thame. If the trekkers have more time, they can carry on to Tengboche, where they can visit the popular Dawa Choling Gompa, in which the Head Lama provides blessings to trekkers and climbers moving to Mount Everest.

Annapurna Panorama Trek

Of all the winter treks in Nepal, the Annapurna Panorama Trek is surely one which deserves the visitor’s observation. Not only is this trek very attractive in regards to scenarios and landscapes, but it is one of the most unforgettable treks in the area. The trek begins from Pokhara, to the west of Kathmandu, and moves by some of the most outstanding villages and settlements of the Annapurna Region. Proceeding through both Gurung and Magar villages, the trekkers will be able to witness these distinct cultures first hand, and view the distinctness between the incredible people and the more westernized culture in the Nepali capital.

Hence, the best highlights of the trek are the climb up to Poon Hill, the popular viewpoint from where the view of the Annapurna Massif is memorable and inexpressible. The trekkers will also get a chance to view the amazing sights of the other mountain peaks in the region, like Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, Manaslu, Nilgiri and the Lamjung Himal, which are all surely stunning. At the time the trekkers combine the trek and the stunning Himalayan landscape, the Annapurna Panorama trek is amidst the best winter treks in Nepal.

Langtang Valley Trek

If the visitors are seeking for that off-the-beaten-path winter expedition, then they should look no further than the Langtang Valley Trek that goes by the Langtang National Park, near to the border crossing with Tibet. This trek is one that is not explored by lots of trekkers, even during the summer season, because of the out-of-the-way nature of the valley.

Hence, if the visitors are searching for pleasant and solitude, there is nowhere better in the world compared to this stunning valley. Called the “ valley of glaciers”, the Langtang Valley itself is one of the most stunningly incredible locations in Nepal, and the magnificent landscape of the mighty mountain peaks dominate the scenery at each turn. The wild and rough topography of the valley is backed towards the snow-capped mountains.

Kathmandu valley Trek

If the visitors are little short on duration, or not willing to move up to the higher altitudes of the mountain ranges and the attractive treks which are famous in winter season, then trekking around the Kathmandu Valley is one of the finest choices for winter tourists. Even though it’s mild winter climate, the Kathmandu Valley is not full of crowds of people during the winter season, and the incredible views of the valley itself are less crowded and simple to view.

Without the crowds of people, the treks are so much more pleasing, and much more gratifying. Kathmandu Valley has a broad diversity of treks that the visitors can take, from day-long treks all over the most famous sights to three and six-day treks around the rim of the valley, getting into the lower altitudes of the mountain ranges. The Kathmandu Valley Rim Trek is a stunning trek that takes the visitors around the valley in an amazing experience of local culture, stunning sights, and beautiful panoramic Himalayan landscapes.

Winter Treks Recommended Clothing in Nepal

Arrangements for all climates are significant at the time of trekking in Nepal at any time of the year, but during the winter it is particularly important to have sufficient warm layers. The daytime temperatures in Nepal can be warm during the winter season, yet decrease to below freezing at high altitudes. The visitors will possibly require taking their coat off at the day time when they are trekking, so a suitable down jacket is absolute. Down jackets are easy to carry and will keep the visitors warm during the time when sun goes down. Suitable woolen hats, gloves, socks and scarves are also important.

Nearly all winter equipment can be bought or hired at one of the trekking shops in Thamel, Kathmandu. Relying on how long the visitors will be trekking for and how cold it becomes, it will not hurt to bring their one winter equipment too. At the time tea-houses offer blankets, if the visitors have a compact bedroll of their own, it is recommended to pack this for additional warmth.

Here’s a useful list of important winter equipment to bring to Nepal:

  • A warm winter bedroll
  • A few pair of warm socks
  • layers (t-shirt, long-sleeved, and down jacket)
  • A pair of warm gloves and a toque
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
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