Guide for Mustang Tiji Festival Trek

Guide along with the porter will support you with each step of the process. Guides will provide knowledge and support you in a lot of ways and porters will carry the load which will make your journey comfortable. The guides provided by KHOJNU are competent and skillful. If you are the first time trekkers in the Himalayas you might not have difficulties during the trek. The difficulties may be slippery paths, vertical landforms, unpredictable weather and risks which even cause deaths. So, hiring guides are very important during the treks.
However, hiring the guide is compulsory in Nepal for the treks. Our guides are friendly and communicate with the trekkers in languages mainly English, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Korean, etc. You will meet with the guide in Kathmandu prior to beginning your trek.

Are you planning to hire Guide for the Mustang Tiji Festival Trek Guide?

If you are planning to hire a guide for Mustang Tiji Festival Trek then KHOJNU will be there at your service. Guides will walk together with you along with the porter. Guides are there to show the way, to point out the popular peaks, landmarks of certainly, risks.
There are a lot of travel companies in Kathmandu, so the initial task is to search for the right travel agency like KHOJNU. The main work of the trekking guide is to direct you to your trek destination. They are familiar with each nook and corner of the Mustang Tiji Festival Trek Guide.

Trekking Insurance for Mustang Tiji Festival Trek

Travel insurance is mandatory at the time you travel abroad. Hence before you come to Nepal, please assure you have your insurance paperworks with you since insurance agencies in Nepal cannot insure foreign nationals. Due to the reason in which they cover all the expenditure if you encounter some unlucky happenings and you have to be rescued or medically supported at the time of journey or if your possessions are lost or stolen.
While booking a trek with KHOJNU, we do need you to have travel insurance which must cover medical and emergency helicopter rescue. You must provide the insurance documents prior to your leave for the trek.

Why hire the Guide for Mustang Tiji Festival Trek?

Trekking guide is very important for Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek since it is not only for being a bit technical, but also because of many reasons such as:

Trekking Rules and Regulations of Nepal Government.
Provide Trekking Training Prior to Any Trekking.
Sound Elevation Exposure
Personal Care and Safety, Medical Management.
Speak Fluently in English and other languages you are most comfortable with.

Hiring a guide is always a good decision. When there is any kind of support or help the guides will always be there with you. They are trained to safeguard you from the risks and dangers of the trek. You must hire a guide who holds a license and is from a Government Registered Company.

Cost of Mustang Tiji Festival Trek Guide

The total amount you spend on a guide relies on trekking destinations, the duration of a trek, and finally, their trek experience. The more experienced and reputed the guides are, it is more possible they cost more. But it is good to spend a few bucks and select a more reliable guide.
In addition the porter is very crucial for your trek. You cannot do all of your stuff during the trek. This will be a most difficult trek when you will have to carry the load by yourself for days. So, if you hire a porter then they will carry your load and make your journey comfortable. The costs of the guide and porter provided by KHOJNU are listed below:
Guide at $25
Porter at $22

Do you need a Mustang Tiji Festival Trek Guide?

If you need a Mustang Tiji Festival Trek Guide then KHOJNU will provide it for you. They have a broad idea of the floras and faunas, historical monuments like shrines, stupas, etc. so, as you travel, guides will explain about the vegetation and animals in the region. They will also provide you with a proper perception of the Mustang Tiji Festival Trek.
Nepal is rich in language and cultural diversity guides normally have good ideas of them. Guides get you to understand different traditions and practices and support you to experience them completely.

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