Kathmandu to Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Cost

Gosaikunda, also spelled Gosainkunda, is an essential location of interest on the Dhunche-Helambu hike trail. This hike joins the popular Langtang Valley trek in the similar region. Both hikes can be joined. Basic lodgment is quite accessible. Tea-houses provide a divergence of meals and snacks. Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is the quickest option to reach Gosaikunda in a safe and convenient way. To be clear, it just takes a 15 to 20 minutes’ helicopter ride to reach the religious lake.

During the flight, the visitors can experience the magnificent landscape of the neighboring Himalayas accompanied through stunning landscape. At the same time, the experienced pilot interacts with visitors describing the magnificent tour confirming that they are well-protected. The region of Gosaikunda has been characterized as a holy place. Hindu tradition ascribes Gosaikunda as the home of the Hindu deities Shiva and Gauri.

The Hindu doctrines Bhagavata Purana, Vishnu Purana, and the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata mention Samudra Manthan, directly connected to the foundation of Gosaikunda. The water of Gosaikunda is regarded as religious water. In comparison, there is a site carrying an important significance at the Ganga Dashara festival and the Janai Purnima festival, in which thousands of visitors from Nepal and India travel to this region. Gosaikunda is believed to have been built by Lord Shiva when he shoved his Trishul (holy Trident) into a highland to extort water so that he could chill his prick throat after he had swallowed poison.

If the visitors want to travel to Langtang valley and Kyanjin gompa by Helicopter, they can book the Langtang Helicopter Tour Package. Kathmandu to Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Cost is provided by khojnu at low costs. The visitors can have an incredible ride on a helicopter with khojnu.

Kathmandu to Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour highlights

Gosaikunda lake Heli Tour is a holy visiting place

It was believed to be built by Lord-Shiva is still meditating inside the lake

Magnificent image of Mountain ranges

Landing at Gosaikunda, the visitors can walk around the lake

Landing at the Shore of Gosaikunda Sacred Lake (4380m.)

The stunning landscape of the Langtang Himalayan Range.

20 to 30 minutes of land time

Whole one-hour package from Kathmandu Airport and return.

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Price

Kathmandu to Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Costs are listed below:

No. of persons cost (per person)  Please Contact us +977 9866551703 ( WhatsApp)


Overview of Kathmandu to Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

Gosaikunda Helicopter tour is a one hour helicopter ride from Kathmandu to Gosaikunda Lake and return. The helicopter flight to Gosainkunda is best for holy yatra or to travel to the Langtang Himalayan range. Visitors can experience the landscape of Holy Gosainkunda Lake by Helicopter ride. Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is a holy Himalayan landscape view flight from Kathmandu within one hour. Gosaikunda Lake is an aerial fresh water body structure which falls in Langtang National Park at the height of 4,380m.

It is also regarded as the religious place for Hindu and Buddhist. Culturally, it is regarded that there were 108 lakes in Gosaikunda region. Gosaikunda Lake tour by Helicopter is the shortest and quickest option to visit Gosaikunda Lake. The captivating attractiveness of Gosainkunda and magnificent mountain views are confirmed to capture the heart of every visitor. It is also a great option to have the near view of the cultural Tamang tribe and snow-capped mountains of Langtang region.

This stunning Heli trip to Gosaikunda is an excellent solution for those visitors who are gratified through long day trekking but have a passionate wish to pay respect to sacred lake, Gosainkunda. Gosaikunda heli trip is well-suited for elders and those who are constrained by fitness level. This fascinating heli trip initiates from Kathmandu and completes in Kathmandu. The land time of 30 minutes is provided at the shore of the lake for any puja, religious bath or visit. The trip is for 2 hours. It is the 3rd most famous helicopter trip in Nepal after the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour and Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter tour. Gosainkunda Helicopter tour is provided with discount costs and short time from Kathmandu with Khojnu and it is the best trip to experience the helicopter tour and visiting the close up landscapes of Langtang Himalayan range.

List of packing for the visitors for Gosainkunda Heli Ride

The Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is short, but it is still significant to be ready and packed appropriately. Mentioned below is what we recommend to take with you:

UV protection sunglasses
Windproof puffer jacket
Lip balm and moisturizer
Silk/Nylon scarf
Long Sleeve clothing
Warm pair of pants
Camera essentials

About Kathmandu to Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

A Nepal helicopter flying trip is the finest way to visit the incredible Himalayan nation of Nepal. Kathmandu is the main doorway for majority helicopter trips in Nepal. The helicopter trip is a great expedition full of fascinating and inspiring country landscapes in the mountain range. It is significantly appropriate for time-bound visitors who want to experience the tour in a short amount of period.

On the other hand, the Nepal Helicopter tour is arranged for individuals whose physical condition does not support their physiological will. Helicopter trip in Nepal is the most suitable chance to experience Nepalese beauty. Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is situated near to the Tibetan border, north Kathmandu, Nepal. Flying in a helicopter over the Langtang region’s religious Gosaikunda Lake offers a sweeping landscape of lots of kundas in this region.
Literally, there are 108 kunda (lakes) all over this area, significantly Saraswati kunda, Bhairab kunda, Surya kunda, Naga kunda, and Gosaikunda are popular among the visitors. Kathmandu to Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Cost is provided at cheaper prices by Khojnu. For more information the visitors who are willing to visit this place by helicopter then they can contact on the number +977 9866551703 or they can visit the official website of the agency . Also they can email [email protected]

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