Guide for Lumba Sumba Pass Trek

According to the Nepal Government rules, hiring a guide is mandatory for your safety. The trek to Lumba Sumba Pass takes you with pristine landscapes that may get challenging to you. On the other hand, you will encounter difficulties during the trek like altitude sickness or other kinds of risk which may even lead to death. So, hiring a guide for the Lumba Sumba Pass Trek is very significant.
Make sure your guide is very trained and knows the trail completely. The Himalayas and isolated regions of Nepal are attractive but equally dangerous. Hence, guides inform you regarding the hazards and provide you ideas to escape them and tackle them through.

Are you planning to hire Guide for the Lumba Sumba Pass Trek?

If you are planning to hire a guide for the Lumba Sumba Pass Trek it is everytime a good and safe choice to trek with a guide and porter. KHOJNU provides an experienced trekking guide and porter. A guide will everytime be there to help you in the entire journey. The guide will support you to locate the trail, makes it simple to interact with local people, and also supports the reservation of proper tea houses.
Our guides are well trained about the geography, wildlife, and vegetation of the trek. Hence, hiring a guide and porter would be the most favorable option of a relaxed trekking experience. All our guides are trekking professionals who hold a license from Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal Government.

Trekking guide Insurance for Lumba Sumba Pass Trek

Travel insurance is mandatory for all the trekkers who are going to take part in Lumba Sumba Pass Trek. We strongly recommend a complete travel insurance to all the trekkers, the insurance must cover personal injury, medical expenditures, repatriation expenditures, and any kind of sickness will be covered.
KHOJNU will ask the trekkers to send a reliable travel insurance copy to our office by email once you book the trek with us. Your travel insurance must involve personal accidents, medical expenditure, and emergency repatriation.
Having an appropriate travel insurance will not just assure our peace of mind at the time you trek with us but also provide you with complete coverage for anything which might go wrong.

Why hire the Guide for Lumba Sumba Pass Trek?

Lumba Sumba Pass Trek is considered to be a difficult trek. This long day’s trek also takes place in the high mountain ranges and follows a challenging geology with many ascents and descents. Due to the duration of time needed, this walk is also difficult and you can encounter other difficulties like steep landforms, unpredictable weather, slippery paths, altitude sickness and risk which can even cause death.
So, it is very important that you hire a guide who will lead you safely along with a porter who will carry the load. KHOJNU takes the top priority for your safety, that is why we only provide trekking guides who are government-licensed and have broad expertise when it comes to trekking. All of our trekking guides have years of experience, are friendly with the clients, and communicate fluently in English and other languages.

Cost For Lumba Sumba Pass Trek Guide

Guides mainly provides advice to trekkers on safety measures, and ensures that events are performed in a way to reduce risk. Guides are there to respond to emergency situations by providing first aid support and taking porter further action if needed.
Along with guides, the porters are also very essential. They will carry your stuff for the whole trek making your journey very comfortable. The costs provided by KHOJNU for guide and porter are listed below:
Guide at $ 25
Porter at $ 22

Do you need a Lumba Sumba Pass Trek Guide?

Guides provided by KHOJNU are much more devoted to making your trek prosperous in Nepal. Our guides will support you if you encounter any challenges during the trek. Relying on the size of the group at the time of trekking, there will be one guide and one assistant guide if there are more than four trekkers in the group. Every two trekkers will have a porter to assist them carry their baggage.
Our guides will explain about culture, tradition, local people and living style about the region. They will help you to complete the trek with safety measures and provide other important support and help during the Lumba Sumba Pass Trek.

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