Hiring a Guide for Nar Phu Valley Trek

To enter the restricted areas, you need to go along with a guide of a government registered company. Trekking with local guides is advised since they know the speciality and topographies of the regions better than anyone.
Since Nar Phu Valley Trek is a strenuous grade trek, you’ll get an exceptionally proficient trek guide for this trek provided by KHOJNU. We frequently employ trek guides with years of experience in the same topography.
Our trek guides are Nepal Government Licensed Trekking Guides. They come with first aid ideas, pinpoint decision-making and rescue operations. On the other hand, based on the group’s language, we provide the trek guides who can communicate in English or other languages you are comfortable with.

Are you planning to hire Guide for Nar Phu Valley Trek?

If you are planning to hire Guide for Nar Phu Valley Trek then KHOJNU will be delighted to provide guides along with a porter. Our guides and porters are very devoted to their job and are very experienced in the Himalayas. Our responsible and devoted team will help to accomplish your trek.
Guides are provided mainly for your safety purpose. They will lead the way because if you are a first time trekker you can get lost during the trail. It is also highly advised to hire guides for the treks in Nepal as the government has made the rule that it is mandatory to hire guides for the treks in Nepal.

Trekking guide Insurance for Nar Phu Valley Trek

We recommend having travel insurance prior to going on Nar Phu Valley Trek. Travel insurance is required in case of any emergency. If you are on a short and low altitude trek, you can have normal insurance. But if you are on a high elevation or adventure trek, you should have an emergency rescue.
Travel insurance is very important and safety net for tourists or trekkers. Travel insurance must cover all medical emergencies, flight cancellations, emergency evacuations, helicopter rescue, and loss of baggage.
When selecting a travel insurance policy, study the terms and conditions in detail and ensure that the policy covers the events you plan to do at the time of your journey. It’s also crucial to disclose any preceding medical conditions and make sure they are safeguarded by the insurance.

Why to hire the Guide for Nar Phu Valley Trek?

Hiring the guide for Nar Phu Valley Trek is very essential. One of the significant benefits of having a local guide is their expertise in navigating the rough paths of Nar Phu Valley. The topography of this region can be quite challenging, with vertical ascents and descents, narrow trails, and sometimes treacherous river crossing.
A local guide knows the area like the back of their hand and directs the trekkers with these difficulties, ensuring an amusing and safe journey. These guides have a detailed idea about the area’s ethnicity, traditions, and geology.

Cost of Nar Phu Valley Trek Guide

For the Nar Phu Valley Trek, a guide is needed. Even though Nepal has few trekking trails where without a guide trekkers can trek but this does not apply to the Nar Phu Valley Trek. They not just navigate the difficult topographies but also act as a bridge between trekkers and the local community.
The other important factor of the trek is porter. You cannot carry the load by yourself because it will be too heavy so you will need a porter who can carry your stuff and make our journey easier. KHOJNU provides guides along with porter and their costs are mentioned below:
Guide at $ 25
Porter at $22

Do you need a Nar Phu Valley Trek Guide?

At the time of selecting a local guide for Nar Phu Valley Trek, it is important to consider their experience and proficiency. Look for the guides who have a good track record, positive reviews, and are license holders. Interacting with the guides prior to the trek is also recommended to ensure friendship and appropriate communication at the time of the journey.
If you’re searching for a guide who is very proficient and experienced, KHOJNU will be at your service. Guides will make your journey even more interesting and lead the way. They will protect you from dangers like unforeseeable weather, slippery paths, vertical landforms, or sometimes safeguard from the risks causing deaths. Don’t hesitate to contact us from our details provided on our official website.

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