Nepal Weather in January

Nepal views huge differences in weather within the lower region of the Terai, the mid-hills of Kathmandu and Pokhara, and the high mountains. Regardless of where the travelers go in the nation, January is the most freezing month of the year. In Kathmandu, during daytime the temperature reaches 64 degrees F, although it can feel very colder. Pokhara, as every time, holds on a few degrees warmer and has transparent skies compared to Kathmandu. Each day the temperature in Chitwan can still be as high as 76 degree F.

In the plain side of the Terai, haze is normal. Snowfall in the high mountains can make trekking routes in the higher regions much more challenging – but there is virtually no precipitation all over the rest of the nation in the month of January. Crowds declined all over Nepal in January. Kathmandu and Pokhara are quiet and lots of guest houses provide declined-season discounted prices.

This is a good time for visitors who are searching for deals and wanting to explore the lower-altitude activities. In the month of January, it is unquestionably quieter compared to other months of the year on the trek front, but there are still enjoyable, achievable quotes at lower regions. If the trekkers plan for the cold through the appropriate garments and bedrolls, crystalline high region days can make January a great month to trek. Keep in mind that regions in the rainstorm of the mountainous region – like Upper Dolpo or Upper Mustang – can be unreachable, through extremely limited (or no) lodgments options all over the winter season. The trekkers recommended choosing for the lower-region hikes unless the trekkers are hugely experienced trekked through training in snow at higher altitudes.

For a visit to the Everest region in the month of January, take a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and trek to the Sherpa town in Namche Bazaar. From there, the trekkers can trek to the stunning village of Thame to view its beautiful monastery perched high up on the uphill. Or continue going towards Tengboche, in which climbers and hikers visit another popular monastery and receive the blessing from the Head Lama. Other good hikes in the month of January include the Khopra Danda trek and routes close to Kathmandu.

Late January (through March) is an absolute time to head for a jungle trip in the Chitwan National Park. At the time of these months, the huge elephant grass that grows dense in the forest is cut back, creating it simple to view wildlife. Animals roam all over the safeguarded area year-round, but might be challenging to notice with dense greenery. Jungle trips, low-region hikes, traditional activities in Kathmandu and Pokhara, and even skydiving are all achievable in the month of January, until and unless good arrangements are made for freezing weather. Some specialists say that January is also the best month for mountain biking, since the routes are the driest they’ll be the whole year and clear skies panorama even better – you can read regarding the best bike routes in Nepal.

Cultural Nepali festivals (whether Hindu or Buddhist) normally follow a lunar calendar. This indicates in which the festival which falls in the month of January one year may fall in December or February the next. Two festivals which are frequently, but not every time, held on the first day of the new year for Nepali cultural groups which trace their history to Tibet, significantly the Gurung, Tamang, and Sherpa people. On Basanta Panchami, devotees worship Hindu goddess Saraswati, the goddess of intelligence and maker of arts, learning, and music. It also marks the end of winter and the starting of spring season.

Visiting Nepal during the month of January

Nepal is a nation that is broadly known for its beautiful landscapes, food, temples, and hippie tradition. One cannot miss the festivals, hikes, and scenarios of the magnificent mountain peaks regardless of the month of the exploration. Khopra Danda, also called the Khopra Ridge Trek, is a splendid alternative to the more famous (and more crowded) Ghorepani trek, taking the trekkers higher still to one more magnificent scenery of the Annappurna range. At up to 8 days and reaching the highest altitude of close to 12,000 feet, it’s a beautiful modest trek to do in colder climate. Ghandruk Trek & Chitwan Visit. Merge two great Chitwan National Park in the lower regions of Nepal.

Activities to do in Nepal during the month of January

Visit to Chitwan National Park

Nepal in January is one of the finest months of the year to view wildlife in this World Heritage place. Its animals are the One-Horned Rhinos, Bengal Tiger, and 550 various species of birds. Elephant rides are the highest favorite jungle trip option in the region, even though the trekkers select to walk in the wilderness too

Go on a Trek of a lifetime

There are numerous trekking alternatives in which the trekkers can make arrangements in Nepal in the month of January. Possibly, the finest is one which takes trekkers to the Everest Base Camp and at the same time provides the chance to experience the Sherpa village and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

Other simple hike options involve Langtang Valley trek, Mardi Himal trek, and Ghorepani Poon Hill trek. Before trekkers begin, they should carry important trekking equipment, a lot of light but warm garments, and make sure to trek only when there is light of day. The trekkers can hire Sherpa guides to assist the trekkers navigate at time when needed.

Travel to Pokhara for some expedition-filled events

Paragliding, paramotoring, skydiving, white water rafting, elastic jumping, and aerial runway are some of the famous expedition events in Pokhara that are bound to provide the trekkers an adrenaline rush. Does it seem to be a costly event? The costs for these events range anywhere from INR 3,000 to INR 10,000 which to be equitable, is worth it. In Pokhara the trekkers can also explore the Phewa Lake, Sarangkot, and Barahi Temple.

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