Is June good for trekking in Nepal?

World-famous for its mountainous ranges, Nepal is home to some of the most stunning mountains in the entire planet. Mt. Everest, Mt Annapurna, Mt Dhaulagiri, Mt Kanchenjunga, Mt Makalu to name a few of them. Together with these mountains, Nepal has various trekking routes too and hiking in Nepal in June is a great period to hike areas such as Upper Mustang, Nar Phu Valley and Dolpo.

Trekking in Nepal is likely to be done all over the year. But, trekking in Nepal in June has its own benefits. The month of June is the beginning of the monsoon season in Nepal. Too much rainfall and some downpour are certain. There are also different kinds of treks to select in Nepal. From 2 day trekking to a 2 months trekking, expeditions, average, simple, all grades of treks are present in Nepal. Hence, as Nepal is a nation of divergent topography, not all locations have monsoon.

There are many treks the trekkers can still experience. The most popular ones are Dolpo, an Upper Mustang. These locations are situated in the rain shadow areas and will be warm and dry. Trekking in June in Nepal also offers the trekkers with beautiful landscapes. Their valleys are lush green and there are flowers flourishing in all places. June is also regarded as an “off-season” for hiking making it simple for the trekkers to obtain more alternatives in lodging and food. It should also be reasonable.

The trekking routes will be far fewer crowded and the trekkers will be able to hike in pleasant weather. The trekkers can experience the landscape in Nepal, trekking in June has its own different experience and benefit. Through proper equipment, garments, and appropriate arrangement, to trek in June will be as much enjoyable as to trek in any other season.

Climate in Nepal during the month of June

June is not only the beginning month of monsoon in Nepal but also one of the hottest months in Nepal. The rainfall rate is usually near 198 mm. In the month of June, the highest temperature is 27 degree C and the lowest temperature is 19 degree C. So, the weather is hot and humid most of the time. The trekkers can forecast showers almost each day significantly at the night time through infrequent rainstorms. It will be primarily cloudy at the day time before it rains nevertheless, after the rain; the sky is clear and sunny.

Hence, the climate varies depending on the area. At the time the mountainous area is having intense monsoon, the mountainous region may not have monsoon at all. The rain shadow region in the mountainous region has very less to nearly no rainfall at the time of monsoon. However, making it the absolute alternative to trek in the month of June. The mountainous region, furthermore, has too much rainfall at time of June and the routes get muddy and slippery making the hike difficult. Despite this, the trekkers will still be trekking in June in Nepal since to trek in the month of June is a unique experience on its own.

Best Trekking places in June in Nepal

1. Upper Mustang during the month of June in Nepal

Mustang is topographically divided into 2 areas that are Lower Mustang and Upper Mustang. Upper Mustang is situated in the rain shadow area of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain, making it approachable even in the monsoon season. The normal temperature in the daytime ranges from 13 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. And it declines to -3 degrees Celsius to 0-degrees Celsius during the night time.

The Upper Mustang trekking trails lengths from the deepest gorge in the planet, Kalingandaki to the highest areas of Lo Manthang. Upper Mustang is also called the Last Forbidden Kingdom because it was not open to foreigners until October 1991. It is a restricted region and the trekkers will require an exceptional permit to enter Upper Mustang.

2. Dolpo Phoksundo Lake Trek during the month of June in Nepal

Dolpo is the biggest district in Nepal but also the lowest populous. It is one of the most hidden and remote regions of Nepal. And situated within the Tibetan Plateau and the Dhaulagiri Himalayan range making it a rain shadow area. Outsiders were not permitted in this area until 1989, so it has preserved its ancient tradition and culture and its attractiveness. Lake Phoksundo is an aerial freshwater lake and also the deepest lake of Nepal.

The trekking trail to Phoksundo Lake begins from the Jupal and ends at the holy Phoksundo Lake. The Phoksundo Lake is of no resemblance when it comes to attractiveness. With its deep blue and lime color covered by vertical bold rocks. It is paradise-like. On the trail, the trekkers will pass by small original Tibetan villages and experience their diverse culture and traditions. The trekkers also experience stunning landscapes of some Himalayan ranges such as Annapurna, and Kanjiroba.

3. Annapurna Circuit trekking during the month of June in Nepal

Apparently the most popular trek in the entire planet, it captivates 20,000 people each year. Since it is abounding with trekkers at the time of the peak seasons, June is the better option to keep away from crowds since it is the offseason. The Annapurna Circuit is a rain shadow area making the Annapurna Circuit Trek and supreme trekking place for a Monsoon trek. Because of its fame, the routes are full of tea-houses and guest houses. The trekkers don’t have to camp to set tents. That will be a great benefit if it rains since you can every time in case of bad weather.

This trek will take trekkers all over the whole Annapurna range reaching the highest place at the Thorong La Pass. The trekkers will also walk by the world’s deepest gorge, the Kali Gandaki gorge. Together with the route, the trekkers will get the stunning landscape of magnificent Himalayan ranges like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt Annapurna, Mt Manaslu, Mt Nilgiri, Mt Machhapuchhre, Mt Hiunchuli, Mt Lamjung Himal, Tukuche peak, Tilicho peak etc.

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