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Whether you are searching for a Nepal tour for normal transportation on a budget, or you are willing to hire a luxury vehicle for a significant event, KHOJNU will have the Car, Jeep, Hiance, Bus Rental. A sub-metropolitan city with seven municipalities in the Sansari district, Itahari has freshly progressed into a busy transportation junction to the eastern region of Nepal. KHOJNU provides Itahari Car, Jeep, Hiance, Bus Rental to different parts of Nepal. You will enjoy the service provided by KHOJNU of Itahari Car, Jeep, Hiance, Bus Rental. We provide all the facilities with comfortable seats and stop at points where you will need to for toilets. Itahari Car, Jeep, Hiance, Bus Rental provided by KHOJNU would be one of the most interesting journeys in different parts of Nepal from Itahari.

Itahari Car Rental Service

KHOJNU provides car rental in Itahari, Nepal with drivers for different kinds of brands for journeys from Itahari to other locations in Nepal. We have different kinds of brands of cars on rental in Itahari, Nepal. Itahari is a famous city in Nepal, so you can hire a car at an affordable price due to accessible deals and offers.
You can choose vintage cars, the latest branded cars, and luxurious cars on hire like Toyato or Ford. We provide you with the most inexpensive and best car rental service in Itahari. We are one of the renowned car rental agencies in Itahari. On the basis of the car brand, duration and length you want to go, the car hiring cost depends. It will be the cost for the car reservation.
At times without the lack of appropriate communication, the cost may differ. So, try to provide your appropriate requirement prior to you making the final reservation. KHOJNU will make your journey from Itahari to locations in Nepal such as Kathmadnu and Pokhara very comfortable with the car rental service.

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Itahari Jeep Rental ( Scorpio)

Hire a Jeep with KHOJNU for Itahari to other parts in Nepal and you are sure to experience the best journey. For the journeys of long distance KHOJNU provides Jeeps such as Mihendra or Toyota. Jeep journeys in Nepal provide off-road rides and are absolute for thrill-seeking. Nepal is a small, divergent country nestled at the base of the majestic mountain ranges. One of the most famous traveler destinations globally is Nepal.
People from around the globe believe that if one does not travel to Nepal at least once in their lifetime, their life has been wasted. One of our most adventurous Jeep rides will take you to some of Nepal’s most scenic terrains while traveling from Itahari to other regions in Nepal by Jeep. Please contact KHOJNU for the most interesting Jeep rides from Itahari to other regions of Nepal. The new generation takes domination to an entirely new level. Jeep rental with KHOJNU and ride enhance your tour even more thrillingly, different and adventurous. We assure the affordable and quality service for 4wd Jeep rental.
Jeep hire in Nepal in Itahari can be done online if you are planning to visit Nepal. There are reasons why you might need a 4WD Jeep for Kathmandu to Itahari such as Off-road adventure or other reasons. Nepal has a lot of attractive and scenic off-road trails which are excellent for adventure seekers. A 4WD Jeep rental lets you discover these trails and experience the beauty of the natural environments.

Itahari Jeep Rental cost with KHOJNU from Itahari to Kathmandu Scorpio, Itahari to Chitwan Scorpio, Itahari to Pokhara Scorpio, Itahari to Lumbuni Scorpio, Itahari to Nepalgunj Scorpio,  itahari to bhedetar Scorpio, itahari to damak Scorpio, itahari to dhankuta Scorpio rental, itahari to ilam kanyam Scorpio rental, Itahari to khandbari, Itahari to barabise, Itahari to gufa pokhari  and itahari to pathibhara darsahn Scorpio rental.

Itahari Hiace Rental

At the time you are in a group and willing to hire in Itahari, Hiace is the most favorable option. KHOJNU provides you well-maintained Hiace of branded companies like Toyota. For group tour, sightseeing, video shooting, trekking and a lot more adventurous events, we provide a Hiace rental with proficient drivers in each region of Nepal significantly from Itahari. Even it has 15 comfortable seats, for splendor travel, till 12 individuals can travel.
Well maintained Hiace rental has more advantages in comparison to other vehicles for trekking in Himalayan regions and also mountain regions. With comfort travel and carrying baggage, the Hiace has more space than other vehicles. With an off-road experienced driver, your journey with Hiace from Itahari to other places in Nepal will be most memorable.

Hiace Feature:

Music System
Highest of 15 people capacity including driver
Experienced Driver & Friendly Surrounding

Itahari Hiace Rental cost with KHOJNU from Itahari to Kathmandu haice , Itahari to Chitwan haice , Itahari to Pokhara haice, Itahari to Lumbunihaice, and Itahari to Nepalgunj haice, itahari to jhapa hiace, itahari to birtamod hiace rental, ithari to dharan hiace rental, itahari to vedetar hiace, itahari to dhankuta hiace rental, itahari to kanyam hiace rental.

Itahari Bus Rental

Buses are doubtlessly the most affordable and most famous option to travel long distances in Nepal. Buses normally depart from the significant bus stand or bus park that can frequently be found on the edge of the town. Kathmandu has separate bus stands for local services around the Kathmandu Valley and long-distance buses to locations such as Kathmandu, Pokhara, Nepalgunj and Chitwan. KHOJNU provides full-sized buses and small mini buses for Itahari to other places within Nepal at most affordable costs.
Bus travel has long been a famous mode of transportation, providing a multitude of benefits which make it a compelling option for both free time and daily commuting. From affordability and satisfaction to ecological sustainability and the chance for social links, the benefits of bus travel are several. The benefits of traveling by bus are mentioned below:

Decreased Stress of Driving
Environmentally Friendly
Social Opportunities
Easy Going Travel

If you are searching for bus rental service in Itahari for sightseeing or other events in Nepal from Itahari, KHOJNU provides buses with the most comfortable seats and with experienced drivers. There will be a bus conductor during the whole journey who will inform you about the meals, short breaks where you want to go for toilets and manage your baggage. You can select your desired type of bus based on your preference.

Itahari Bus Rental cost with KHOJNU from Itahari to Kathmandu, Itahari to Chitwan , Itahari to Pokhara , Itahari to Lumbuni, Itahari to Nepalgunj, Itahari to kanyam ilam, Itahari to dhankuta, Itahari to to budhabare, Itahari to khandbari, Itahari to jhapa, Itahari to taplejung, Itahari to khandbari.

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