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Everyone needs a certain means of transportation to reach their destination. With the help of tourist bus, you can visit many places as you wished for in a group. You can easily find many tourist buses at your service but if you want to make your journey comfortable and memorable, we are here for you.  You can either take a local transportation or private, a choice is yours but your journey won’t be easier in local transportation. We provide 24 hours service to our clients. If you wished to travel out of Nepal like a country India, we can also help you with it. Tourist bus runs daily at your service.



Tourist buses are as same as deluxe buses but tourist bus doesn’t have much facility than that of a deluxe bus. You can book any kinds of tourist buses through at an affordable price. It’s a little bit hard to find a fully tourist-oriented bus at your service but no more because we provide you best of the best. You can find our price little bit cheaper than other companies. Price always varies depending on the destination of your journey. We have been providing services to our clients for decades and we are happy to see our clients happy.


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