Kathmandu to Dharan Car & Jeep Rental

Hiring a car is a simple task for visiting Dharan from Kathmandu. It is very inexpensive on the other hand, best if you visit and contact Khojnu The passengers who want to visit Dharan can directly contact at the mobile number +977 –  9866551703 starting journey from Kathmandu to Dharan because the passengers will get the car for hire at a discounted price. The marketing agency provides services with all kinds of brands of vehicle as per the preference of the passengers with their convenience.

The journey from Kathmandu to Dharan of car service is done in regards for the convenience of the journey for the various perceptions within and close to Biratnagar. The service provider of the rental car always cleans the entire exterior of the car. Standard and nice smelling fresheners are present when a traveler travels by car.

The seat of the car is very expensive on the other hand, the finest class. Car service providers always always swap and cleanse the covers of every seat prior to finishing each journey.

The company also sustains a healthy atmosphere within the car. The whole features of the rental car works very appropriately. The company also issued the car in a condition of first hand car with the price discounted. They also give a trial run of the car at the time of renting the car.

Car and jeep hire journey-truth from Kathmandu to Dharan

Khojnu provides services through Kathmandu to Dharan for making the visitor’s journey enjoyable and fun. The journey from Kathmandu to Dharan provides its clients a very interesting and unforgettable experience with Khojnu  . The length from Kathmandu to Dharan is around 402.6 kilometers. It may take around 8-9 hours by car or jeep to reach their selected place.

At the time of driving for the selected place one takes a break for food and interval except in which traveler wants to stop during the halfway for having fun for the environment then the traveler has to ask permission from the driver. The passengers are to keep in mind the time at the time stopping halfway as proceeding for the lengthy breaks may take more time for reaching the selected place.

Journey name Kathmandu to Dharan by Car and
Jeep hire

Journey length Eight to nine hours

Provisions Audio sound system, luxury, and convenient seat, safety belt,
napkin case, cooling, cushion

Car and jeep type Suzuki, Mahindra, Hyundai, Honda, Volkswagen, Tata
Motors, Renault

Beginning place of
the journey Kathmandu (pick up place)

Finishing place of the Dharan (booked lodgment place)

Journey length 380 kilometers

Price for adults Rs.

Price for child Rs.

 Kathmandu to Dharan Car & Jeep Cost

If the visitors are searching for a rental car or a jeep for low cost or if the traveler is looking for an expensive car for any special functions, Khojnu will provide their services right away to their clients. Settled in the highlands of the Mahabharat Range, the diverging city of Dharan is popular for its historic temple, vegetation, attractive views, and hygiene. Dharan city is the entrance to the hill regions of eastern Nepal on the other hand has many places and adventures to the tourists.

Marked as the craze capital, Dharan would make people feel impressed through its extraordinary scenarios and attractiveness. Dharan is a traditional multicultural combination of Nepal’s various cultures. Lots of people from the element regions are well in Dharan which involves Sankhuwasabha, Ilam, Tehrathum, Panchthar, Dhankuta, Taplegung, Bhojpur, Khotand, and others. The Buddha Stupa Temple is a popular, devoted holy place, majority for the Eastern Nepalese. Dharan is linked to Dhankuta by the Koshi main road which is a significant highway in Nepal. The closest airport is Biratnagar Airport (40 kilometers). Trip by car starting from Biratnagar and ending point to Dharan will take just about one hour.

The total distance from Kathmandu to Dharan is 377 kilometers on the other hand the time taken traveling by car or jeep would be nine hours generally to reach the destination place Dharan. Khojnu car and jeep services is one of the finest companies to provide rental car services to its clients in Kathmandu, Nepal for making the trip or journey an unforgettable moment. The company has got the comprehensive car and jeep for rental that includes cars, jeeps, SUVs and executive cars.

The group of the company is impassioned regarding the hiring of car and jeep for the trip to Dharan, and they are anytime ready to support to their clients with any inquires the travelers might have, even if its regarding the rental car, the ways, or the best locations to travel all over Nepal. In Khojnu as the service provider of cars and jeeps, the company does not only rent a car, they also give a chance.

The company is also proud to tell their clients to connect with them for the upcoming trip, and letKhojnu handle the rest of the time. Kathmandu to Dharan car costs are very reasonable. If the visitors have planned to visit Nepal from other countries and if the client does not know about Dharan then he/she must keep reading. Dharan is located in Sunsari Sector. Dharan is covered by high grounds in 3 directions.

Dharan is also known as middle ground within high grounds on the other hand Terai districts and also called as entrance to the high grounds. It has slant coasts. It is located in the downward of the Mahabharat range. Tourists travel to Dharan to worship Budha Subba temple, Pindeshwor temple, and Panchakanya temple. The biggest jungle of Nepal known as Charkose Jhadi is also located here.

Adventure and places to visit from Kathmandu to Dharan by car or jeep

Rafting in the Koshi River and boat contest starting form Chatara and ending in Koshi Barrage
From Bhedetar it has skydiving
Mini zoo or Panchakanya park to visit
Grip car or ropeway at Dharan-Bishnupaduka-Baraha Kshetra
Visit Budhasubbha Temple

Kathmandu to Dharan Car & Jeep Rental

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