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Dolakha is a region of Janakpur in Nepal. On the other hand, it is also known as God Bhim. This place is most famous because of the religious motivation and the charm of culture and tradition. The length from Kathmandu to Dolakha is around 7 to 8 hours and the distance is 182.7 kilometers that can be reached by most kinds of motorcars. Dolakha on the other side is also called a tourist station.

There are lots of magnificent locations in Dolakha such as big waterfalls, traditional inheritance, expeditions and hiking etc. Enjoy Nepal Tours and Treks provide jeep service for the trip from Kathmandu to Dolakha.
Dolakha is captivated through the charming mountains, scenario of Alps, factual monuments, and shrines and distinctive cultural groups sharing the grazing land. Visiting Dolakha, captivating each attractive memory, searching for the most appropriate plan to create the Tour, filled with excitement, pleasant and adventuresome, make an effort to work out each landscape of Dolakha, Nepal.

In accordance with the census of 2001, the total population computed in the region is 204,229 and in accordance with the census 2011, the total population in the region is 186,557. In the beginning of districts of Nepal, Dolakha is named as “Abhayapur”, which is “Abhay” that is literally translated to explanation as “Without fear and Pur” translated to explanation as “Cities”. So, originally, Dolakha district is called “City without Fear”. With the power of god Bhim Sen, the region was familiar with this title. Afterwards, the Dolakha name was lifted from the Sherpa society, where “Do” meaning “Dhunga” (stone)”, “LA ” meaning “ma ” (in)” and “KHA” means “Mukh (Face)”. So, DO + LA + KHA = “Face + In + Stone”.

To visit the largest lakes in Nepal, Tsho Rolpa and the surrounding environment of Gaurishankar Himal and Melungtse Himal is the thing, the visitors or tourists after the difficult hiking trip from Kalinchowk Bhagwati to Rolwaling Valley. Immediately as seasonal snow begins to fall down to Kharidhunga Dolakha, the location anticipated as the visitor destination. This is the place by which two spectacular Himalayan ranges of Langtang on the other hand Rolwaling are attended. It is 23 kilometers away from the regional central station of Dolakha. The most favorable time to travel relies on what objectives the visitors are exploring the Dolakha. If the visitors are arranging for a few expeditions or hiking trips in Dolakha then the most favorable time to explore is between the month of February to the month of May and August to November.

The details of the jeep for the Kathmandu to Dolakha is mentioned below

Jeep From   To Vehicle Cost (NRS)

Kathmandu    Charikot   NRS. 9866551703

If the visitors are searching for jeep rental to Dolakha district for discounted prices for any special function, Enjoy Nepal Treks will provide the visitors with jeep service. Dolakha district is surrounded by the Sun Kosi River to the west and the Khimti Khola River to the eastern boundary.

This place is divided uniformly by the River TamaKoshi, optimally two thirds of the west to the river on the other hand one third to the east. From the north east lies the magnificent Rolwaling Himal to the western boundary are such mountains as Gauri Shankar and Melungtse. Gauri shankar is comparable with the god Shiva and his companion Parvati. It is thus named since the Nepalese have faith that the nearness of its two mounds are like the nearness of husband and wife.

The Khimti Khola flows down from a place of 5 lakes known as Panch Pokhari. They have a particular position in epic and go by the titles of Mohi (buttermilk), jata (hair), Dudh (milk), Bahula (lunatic) and Bhoot (ghost). Dolakha Bazaar also called Abhayapur in classical history, is regarded as the gem of the region. Situated 4 kilometers east from Charikot, Dolakha Bazaar resides a popular shrine of Bhimeshor, also called Bhimsen Temple.

A gigantic stone pier elevated on the shrine site is an amazement in itself. Lots of people have faith that there will be a governmental change or natural calamities if the statue of the Bhimseshor sweats. Dolakha Bazaar is filled with inheritance sites that are at the time in the past of Lichchhavi, Malla and Shah Dynasties presenting monoliths, cultural sub-structures, old-style Newari residences, their culture and language. Dolakha Bazaar on the other hand has a stopover with cultural Newari style through approximately 15 hotels. Charikot is situated at almost 2,000 m to the northeast of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, and can be reached around 5 hours by traveling by jeep.

The Arniko Highway, the route to Tibet, plunges from Dhulikhel to the valley of the Sun Koshi, which presents a beautiful scenario of parts of the mountain peak. Kalinchok is a paradise for nature lovers and godly visitors. This place is 17 kilometers from Charikot and located in upland forests, colorful villages, brooks and narrow croplands. Being at the height of 3,842 meters above sea, Kalinchok offers a nice view of the Rolwaling and Langtand peaks and ranges. The visitors can view the magnificent sunrise and sundown scenario from there.

Shailung Danda possibly comes just second to Kalinchowk as a selected place to travel to enjoy the snowfall. Visitors flow at an increasing rate in Shailung through road merging and enhancement of basic provisions. There are numerous mountains on a capacious grassland. Jiri, once the gateway of Everest area situated 55 kilometers east from Chariko, is eager to welcome visitors to its peaceful atmosphere. The local guest house has provided a 50 percent discount in lodges and guest houses to entice the tourists.

Enjoy Nepal Treks if there will be their services for taking out the tension of the holiday arranging procedure. Enjoy Nepal Treks also assist the visitors to arrange a memorial trip of lifetime through high standard and discounted prices. The agency on the other hand provides the jeep services to travel from Kathmandu to Dolakha. The visitors can contact for jeep rental on the number +977 9866551703 (Whats app)

Kathmandu to Dolakha Jeep Cost and trip packages

First day: Driving from Kathmandu to Dolakha Bhimsen (1,554m), 5 hours

On the first day of the trip the visitors will gather in the desired place in Kathmandu. Then drive to Dolakha Bhimsen, 135 kilometers northeast from Kathmandu. This journey will take approximately around 4 hours by jeep. Then passing the bridge to the Sunkoshi at Khadichaur, the visitors will go after the Swiss established Passang Lhamu Highway that is called Lamosangnu-Jiri road. The visitors will continue to go after narrow roads through step farming and reach Charikot, the region high commands of Dolakha. Then the visitors will stay overnight at the hotel to take rest or explore the environment of the hotel or lodge.

Second day: Visiting Hindu Temple – Dolakha Bhimsen and exploring it.

Second day of the trip the tourists after breakfast will start visiting Hindu Temple – Dolakha Bhimsen and explore it. Visitors can also view other tourist attractions like mountain ranges and peaks and settlements. After visiting Dolakha Bhimsen Temple the visitors will travel back to Kathmandu with the same route after sometimes finishing lunch.

Important information about the trip from Kathmandu to Dolakha Bhimsen

Dolakha Bhimsen (Bhimseshwor) temple trip package is a significant religious package for mainly Hindu visitors. Bhimeshwor temple is situated in Dolakha Bazaar of Dolakha region. The significant statue of this shrine is the god bhim. In the Dolakha beneath the roofless shrine, the idol of Bhim sen is a triangular in form and rough stone. People consider this idol as Bhim Sen but it has three reincarnations as Bhim Sem himself, Goddess Bhagawati, who everytime wishes for offering of animals as a devil/evil, and final one: God Shiva who never offers blood. The epic associates this long, several years ago there were 12 bearers arriving from somewhere who came to an end at this stage and they made an effort themselves to create three stone stoves to prepare rice.

There are lots of religious incidents regarding the Bhim Sen of Dolakha. The supernatural aspect regarding the Bhim Sen statue of Dolakha is sweating liquids-like drops of warm liquid. The individual, who resided in the Bhima’s Kingdom, had to live an unhappy life from the Bhima. On the other hand, they prayed to the god Shiva for their life, then god Shiva arrived there from Gaurishankar and slaughtered king Bhima. In accordance with this chronicle, Bhima’s death statue of the god at that place was given the name Bhimeshwor.

Trip tittle: Dolakha Bhimsen Temple tour

Duration: 2 days

Tour type: Assisted service tour

Favorable season: Anytime

Vehicle: Jeep

Lodgement: Hotel/ Resort in Kathmandu and Dolakha

Culture: Newari

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