Is May Good to Trek in Nepal?

May is the intermediate month within spring and summer seasons. Climatic conditions are uneven in trekking in Nepal, the temperature remains subtropical in the daytime, on the other hand there will be likely to rain in time of sunset or night. In the case of the trekker’s hikes in the first half of the month, the hike will be absolute through green mountains, glistening snow-clad peaks, and flourishing rhododendron forest.

The trekkers can also experience the cerulean topography, transparent sky, and panoramic Himalaya landscape. May is the significant month for the people who hike, Himalayan adventure, and the tourism industry of Nepal. On May 29, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa beneficially measured the Mt. Everest (8,848m) for the first time in history. Subsequently, the 29th of May is observed as Sagarmatha (8,848) day. If the trekkers want to contemplate the experience, routes, climate, weather, temperature and landscape such as Tenzing-Hillary did, then hiking or trekking in Nepal during the month of May is an excellent time for the trekkers.

Focal points of the trekking during May in Nepal

Warmer weather: The month of May is inconsistent weather since this month is the intermediate month. At the morning time, there will be clear weather and transparent sky; but, the day time will be warm and humid if it rains during the night time. This inconsistent climate and rainfall at night create the warm weather at the day that makes the hike enjoyable and simple.

Fresh natural smell: Trekking during the month of May presents an unforeseen excitement. While trekking in the lower area, the rainstorm at night time makes the route wet; but the warm and humid weather in the daytime dries the land and provides the fresh natural smell that is a blessing for the people who trek.

Peaceful landscape and stunning Himalayan scenery: In the month of May, the weather is warm and the sky appears to be transparent; so the people who trek can view the beautiful landscape of the turquoise lake, green rolling hills, gleaming Himalayas, and peaceful environment.

Flourishing mountains and colorful jungle: May is half spring and half summer, still the flowers dance at the mountains and in the jungle even in May month. The rhododendron flowers still surround the forest that transforms the route more gracefully.

Less snow on the routes: The day will be warmer in May in which the snow melts on the higher altitudes and the routes will be snow free.

Pleasant routes: Lots of trekkers presume the trekking Nepal in the Pre-monsoon season is hazardous so they don’t choose to trek in May, which makes the route less crowded and pleasant compared to spring and autumn seasons.

Disadvantages of trekking in Nepal during the month of May

Rainfall, slippery routes and hazard of soil erosion: The mid-May falls in the summer season at the time in which there will be rainstorm and rainfall at night. If it rains too much, the routes become slippery and the trek will be hard and frustrating. The higher altitude areas are safeguarded from rain shadow; but in the lower areas, there will be too much rainfall and there is the hazard of soil erosion also.

Inconsistent climate: During the month of May, weather alerts within no time. During the day it will be humid and hot; whereas, in the sunset time, there may be precipitation and the morning will be fresh and peaceful. Month of May has irregular weather, so precaution must be initiated before time.

Bugs or Mosquitoes or leeches issues: There is every time rainfall in Nepal during the summer season. After the second week in the month of May, the warmer weather, also rain, begins to affect the lower area resulting in bugs, mosquitoes and leeches issues.

Flight hold up or cancellation: Hike in Nepal is every time motivating, yet the changes in weather at times make the hike terrible and frustrating. Due to the rainstorm in the lower areas such as Lukla, Kathmandu, and Pokhara, the flight may be canceled or delayed.

Trekking ideas:

Start trekking daybreak and wrap before sunset: Every time start the trek in the early morning if the trekkers choose the beautiful landscape of the huge massif and serene environment. Start the trek in the morning so that precipitation might not impact the hike or trek.

Hire competent guides and porters: Trekking in the month of May can be a curse because of the inconsistent weather change, postponement of flight, soil erosion, rainstorm, and AMS. In order to have good trekking in the month of May, the trekkers must hire local and competent guides who are well informed regarding weather, alternative trails, and emergency care.

Carry waterproof hike gears: There is more chance of precipitation in the lower areas during the month of May. Trekkers who want to hike in the higher altitudes must be well equipped through waterproof bag’s envelope, rain-coats, and trekking shoes though there is no need to worry about rain in the higher altitude.

Insect repellants: It is wise to carry insect repellant at the time of trekking during the summer season. It assists in resisting the mosquitoes, insects, bugs, and leeches in lower humid and jungle regions.

Add additional days on Holiday: At the time of trekking in summer season, there is a probability of rainfall in the lower area that might result in the soil erosion and it also affects flight timings resulting in flight postponement or cancellation; so it is always good to add some extra days on the holiday of the trekkers to handle these kind of issues.

Overall: Month of May is the pre-monsoon season in Nepal; so at the time of trekking in Nepal in May, trekkers are required to go with some precautions and carry appropriate equipment for the prosperous trek. Nepal is always open for the people who trek. Even though spring and autumn are regarded as the best trekking seasons, summer and winter are also proper seasons to hike in the high altitudes.

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