Porter and Guide For Everest Base Camp Trek

If you are going for the Everest Base Camp Trek then you need to take a guide and not only any guide, but a licensed one. Nepal’s government has implemented new rules which require trekkers to hire a licensed guide and porter of their trekking journey. This alteration aims to enhance the safety of trekkers to manage emergencies and are well-informed in the local topography and culture.
These rules aren’t only red tape; they’re created to safeguard you. Guides can support you acclimate to high elevations, which is significant for escaping altitude sickness. While you may be an experienced trekker, the EBC trek is a different mountain which is best tackled with a well-versed guide by your side.

Are you planning to hire Guide for Everest Base Camp Trek Guide?

If you are planning to hire a Guide for Everest Base Camp Trek then it is a good decision. As mentioned earlier it is compulsory for every trekker to hire a guide for trekking in Nepal for the safety of the trekkers. Starting on the Everest Base Camp Trek with a guide enhances your journey from mere hike to an enchanting experience.
By hiring a guide they will brief you on the day’s itinerary, involving the Everest Base Camp Trek distance to be covered, the topography, and any remarkable landmarks you’ll pass. They’ll also provide Everest Base Camp Trekking tips on tackling significant difficulties, like vertical climbs or rocky paths up Kala Patthar.

Trekking Insurance for Everest Base Camp Trek

Travel insurance for the Everest Base Camp Trek provides coverage for unanticipated events which could take place at the time of the trek, designed precisely for trekkers starting on a difficult and potentially dangerous trek like the Everest Base Camp Trek.
Few of the events which might be covered by travel insurance for an Everest Base Camp Trek include medical emergencies, evacuation and expulsion, interruption or cancellation of a journey, lost or stolen luggage, and personal liability. Hence, relying upon the policy, coverage might also be extended to include adventure sports or activities which are usual part of the trek, such as mountain climbing or trekking at high elevations and providing peacefulness to the trekkers.

Why to hire the Guide for Everest Base Camp Trek Guide?

A trekking guide is a trained expert with the essential guidance and interpersonal skills to manage mountain trekkings. The guides are highly skilled and support you in organizing all things for the trek.
Hiring the Guide for Everest Base Camp Trek Guide is very important. They will safeguard from the risks which can even cause death. They will also support you, get permission, serve as your point of contact at the hotels and provide you with information on these steep areas, traditions, backgrounds, and viewpoints. Furthermore, a well-informed guide will teach you the method to assess your health and escape altitude sickness.

Cost for Everest Base Camp Trek Porter and Guide

The cost can differ significantly relying on a guide’s expertise, the field of study, and language abilities. Guides are an essential part of the trek to make your Everest Base Camp Trek Expedition prosperous.
The expert Guide makes your trek safe and comfortable. The cost for the local guide is affordable provided by KHOJNU. It is a wise investment since the expertise of the guides in the field will just ensure your safety and on the Everest Base Camp Trek. The price provided by KHOJNU are listed below:
Guide at $25 per day
Porter at $20 per day

Do you need an Everest Base Camp Trek Guide?

If you need a guide for Everest Base Camp Trek you then KHOJNU will provide the best guides. Not only does hiring a guide for Everest Base Camp Trek safeguards you but also make your expedition even more interesting. Your guides will immediately become like family, plus you’ll benefit from getting assistance for getting accommodations while on the trek and information about food you get while trekking.
Hiring guides and porters with KHOJNU will be affordable and on the other hand they will keep you safe throughout the trek and lead you in the right direction. Please feel free to contact us from the provided information on our website for the guides for Everest Base Camp Trek.

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