Kathmandu to Pathibhara Jeep (Scorpio) Rental

The service provided by KHOJNU for Kathmandu to Pathibhara Jeep (Scorpio) Rental is the easiest and luxurious option to reach Pathivara Devi Temple. The tour begins and ends in Kathmandu. For the normal Pathibhara Temple Darshan Tour, you have to hire a vehicle for 5 days. But, if you want to spend a few more days discovering the region, you can customize the itinerary and schedule of the vehicle according to your requirement. Additional days cost some additional to your total cost of vehicle hiring. Kathmandu to Pathibhara Jeep (Scorpio) Rental is the best idea if you want to travel with friends, family or colleagues.

This location is also getting famous amidst the couples. The tour begins and ends in Kathmandu and it takes 5 days to accomplish the Pathivara Darshan Yatra according to the normal itinerary. Either you are searching for a pilgrimage trip to a religious site or simple wish to experience the stunning mountain views, Kathmandu to Pathibhara Jeep (Scorpio) Rental is a perfect option for nature lovers because of the tranquil surrounding here with the capturing environment and interesting way of living and cultures of locals. With our Kathmandu to Pathibhara Jeep (Scorpio) Rental trip, the experience will be much more enjoyable and easier.

We have Scorpio Jeeps with the newest model and security features that make your tours or trips more secure and comfortable. Scorpio Jeep is an SUV (Sport utility vehicle or suburban utility vehicle). It is comfortable for 4 passengers and adjustable till seven passengers. It has perfect ground clearance so that you can have a convenient tour even on bumpy and mountain roads.


Pathivara Temple

Pathivara Devi Temple is one of the most significant holy lands of Hindu devotees so a large number of people make pilgrimages to this location each year from different regions of Nepal and India. People have faith that worshiping the Pathivara Goddess makes all their wishes and desires come true. Not only the Hindu and Buddhist devotees, this location is also a remarkable place for nature lovers. One can find a peaceful surrounding here with an appealing environment.

A visitor will get sufficient opportunities to know regarding the rural way of living, cultures and traditions of the local peoples living in Taplejung Pathivara. This Temple is situated at the height of 3,658 meters and provides impressive peak views. Best time to visit Pathivara is from March to June and September to November. Hence you can also visit during all other seasons all over the year.

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