Advertise your business with is one of the best platforms in the valley which is always available to sell and show the products of our clients. We are located at Chuchepatti, Kathmandu and we are always ready to enhance the business of local people of our country. Advertising your business with is really beneficial as you can get the hold of thousands of new customers on the platform of Khojnu. We are a team of professionals and we are always busy in creating a superb platform where buyers and sellers both can work easily and also at an affordable cost.


Advertising your business or your profession in is like advertising your skill and products on the platform of the internet market where thousands of customers are keen on buying new products and services at an affordable price. We are suitable for both small scale and large-scale industries and we can assure you that you will easily enhance your business with We are a team of professionals and we are focused to provide you with relevant and genuine information about your company, startup, entrepreneurship, and management to the general people who want to search about you and reach you.


What are the benefits that you will get on advertising your business at

  • The first thing is that you will be advertising your business and products 24/7 at the platform of
  • As we have a hold of more than 50000 viewers on our website, you will directly or indirectly enhance your business with the help of Khojnu
  • Advertising your products in a less expensive and productive way
  • As, we have clients who are living outside the valley and also some of them are living outside the country, you will get an opportunity to increase your business nationally as well as internationally.
  • We are not that expensive so small scale business also can easily advertise their products and services through our website.
  • You will also be increasing your brand awareness as your company’s name will be in front of thousands of people.

Starting from getting a hold of thousands of clients and new customers to advertising your business, products and your skill through the internet, KHojnu is always available for you to enhance your business and products. Whether you are a high standard business company or just a simple plumber or a teacher, we are here to help you and enhance your business by selling your products and also showing your professional skills with the people.

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