Seven (7) Reason to Go for Langtang Valley Trek

A Langtang valley trek- this is one of those journeys which you undertake not to reach the destination- but to enjoy what’s on your way. The Langtang Valley has for some time been a most loved trekking region because of its extensive perspectives, a lot of things to experience and the intriguing Tamang culture. This place is a standout amongst the loveliest places in Nepal and was previously the sweetheart of trekkers looking for shocking scenes and credible culture alongside inspiring accommodation in wonderful homestay visitor houses — all inside simple reach of Kathmandu.



You start your Langtang trek from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. From there, it is all up to you regarding time to come back and forth a maximum of elevation of 4773m- generally speaking, it will take about 7-10 days. Anyway, there are various things to see like the seductress of Gokaikunda, breathtaking views of the Ganesh Himal and also a lot of things to experience and in Syambru Besi and Mundu, so you will always be recommended to spend quite some time in the place. Walking as you chat with the Yak farmers, home staying in places to be a part of the friendly Tamang people’s lives examining it closely, seeing Yak factories and tasting some delicious cuisines you have never tried before- this will also help you learn about the Nepali Tibetan culture like nobody else. And on top of that, you will be trekking in a National Park which boasts to be the habitat of some of the most unique species in the world like Red Panda and Ghoral- just hope that you are lucky.



Clothes which will be warm and cozy- don’t forget you are trekking in a Mountainous region. Getting a sleeping bag will be mandatory and also have some energy bars and a torchlight on you- these things will turn out to be really helpful.


Seven reasons why you go Langtang Trek

  1.  Off The Beaten Path Experience
  2. Financial Concerns
  3. Low Risk Factors
  4.  Unspoiled Culture
  5. Alluring Views Of Mountains
  6.  Buddhist Monasteries
  7.  Better Stays And Delicious Cuisines


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