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21st century, In the Era of technology website has become an important platform for businesses. A website is a 24 hour salesman working for your business, with which modern costumer loves to deal with at their preferred time of convenience.     In today’s date, people prefer using internet for shopping locally for buying products and services more than visiting shop to shop. Nowadays, website is proving itself as the best platform for promoting your business.  A man can be away from a television but he can never be away from an internet. So if you want to promote your business, Website is must. When you promote your business via television, you should always wait for your ads to pop out but website allows your costumer to know every details of your business, your services to the costumer, your contact information whenever and wherever they need.




In USA, Canada, Australia  90% of the house hold uses internet for shopping locally for products and services. Also in Nepal, day by day the demand of website is found to be increasing.  Nepalese are getting educated and they are now able to recognize the actual importance of having a website. But still their exist a false belief that website is only for big businesses but the actual fact is website plays more  important role in promoting small businesses as costumer finds the business with website more reliable than the business without a website. Website will help you to gain more costumers. With the passage of time, only having a website is not enough.



Costumer prefers to visit responsive website which means website should  support every kind of resolutions like laptop, iPod, iphone, blackberry, and so on. Also the website should have good graphic design so that it will attract more costumers. There is about 300  Website Designing Company in Nepal like Bikashsoft Technology Pvt. Ltd.  etc.

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